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Rebecca ‘Rusty’ Ryan | 22 | Ocean’s 11
Bio: The first thing you should know about Rusty is that plane and simple she’s a thief, but she’s no petty thief. No with her best friend Danny, Rusty has planned and executed some of the greatest heists you’ve never heard of (and hey isn’t that the point?) But then Danny got himself thrown in jail and Rusty decided to go legitimate after their last heist so now here she is in Stockholm owner of her very own hotel. Rusty is a lot of fun, extravagant and eccentric but beneath her playful exterior is a cold and calculating girl. She’s always thinking and planning, she’s a stickler for details and can sort out almost any problem that comes her way, for both the hotel and any of her numerous criminal contacts. The only question is, how long can Rusty forsake the rush of a perfectly executed heist.
Model: Jac Jagaciak

Why you should get this role: Because I think it’d be a lot of fun to play a criminal. There’s so much fun you could have with a character like Rusty especially exploring her morals and the lengths she would go to as she tries to legitimise her life (let’s be honest thought it’ll never work)

Story: [Warning in advance. Not the best story I’ve ever written. It is 11:30 pm though]

I was lounging on the balcony attached to my rather luxurious office minding my own damn business when my manager Kellie comes in “Rusty.”

“Kellie.” I moved my sunglasses down my face so I could look at her properly.

“Grace West has trashed her room.” A pause, “Again.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” I asked, eyebrow raised. I had staff, they should be doing their job.

“She physically ejected the maid from the room and won’t let anyone else in.” Kellie informed me, looking very much like she wanted to take matters into her own hands. “She insists on talking to you.”

“Alright then.” I got up reluctantly. By the time I dealt with this the sun would probably be down, what there was of it, “Let the front desk know Ms. West will be checking out soon.”

“Do you need me to come with you?” Kellie asked. She probably equal parts wanted me to say yes and no. Grace West was an intimidating woman in stature and temperament.

“It’s fine. I’ll take Paul.” I told her, which meant actually she should get Paul, “But first I need a drink.” She scampered off to get Paul as I pulled a beer from my mini bar. Such a shame something stronger wasn’t possible.

“Rusty.” That was Paul, standing by the door like a good security guy should do.

“Ah Paul. We have to go eject Ms. West.” I said for what felt like the hundredth time this year (but was probably closer to tenth)

Paul looked like he wanted to ask why we allowed her to check in again. He didn’t however which was really beneficial to him. In fact he didn’t say anything again until we were waiting outside the door. I knocked.

“Fu.ck off.” Was the response I got.

“Grace darling, it’s me.” I called out, trying to be as charming as possible, “Let me in.”

The door clicked open.

I surveyed the room. Trashed was an understatement.

“What happened here?” I asked, toe tapping and eyes disapproving. 

“He broke my heart.” It was a script by now. Always a break up led to a trashed room and Grace had her fair share of break-ups.

“You can’t keep doing this Grace.” I said disapprovingly, “This is my place.”

“I know. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Empty lies. Still stuck to her script.

“I know you won’t.” I turned towards to door to leave her, “You’re checking out and not coming back.”

I made to leave then, ignoring her protests, the sound of flesh on flesh as Paul intervened and she probably attacked him.

On my way out I noticed the watch sitting on the desk.

So what if it ended up in my pocket?

She was being difficult anyway

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