March 23, 2013

Song of the day: Thinking Bout You - Frank Ocean

Didn't really like this the first time I heard it, but then I heard someone cover it and now I'm kinda feeling it. Haha. But eh I've never really liked hip-hop or R&B or whatever this is. 

Anyway. Hey hey hey! How's life, guys? 

Geez I have so many fun-filled tags to get to, but first maybe just a quick update on my life for those who care and then I'll do the tags tomorrow?

1) I'm finally on Spring Break! Woohoo! I've really needed this. School has been really rough lately. My history class, in particular, will definitely be the death of me. So if you don't hear from me in a while, blame it on the Founding Fathers for cultivating so much dang history for future Americans to learn about.
2) So every year, the Friday before Spring Break, our school has this all-day-long music festival, and it's literally the highlight of the year. Our A Cappella group was literally the best I have ever seen them. They're so amazing. And oh my gosh there are so many talented singers in my school. Like *le dies*. I wish I could show you a video. Maybe they'll upload one at some point.
3) HAHAHA. Oh Alexander Wang. Boy, you a genius. And not just when it comes to clothes. (btw, if you guys don't know who Bon Qui Qui is, then you have not lived. Jk. But seriously, watch this: 
4) So the other day, when we had that snow delay, the schedule got all messed up, and so I arrive in French class, and everyone's being all quiet. And I'm like "Ummm what?" And they're like "Be quiet! We're trying to hide from Madame (the teacher). She hasn't showed up yet, and we think it's because she doesn't realize we have class now. So if she walks down the hallway, we don't want her to realize we're in here!" And I'm like "haha okay." So what our class decided to do was stay in the classroom for like 15 mins (that's the time in our school we're supposed to wait before leaving if a teacher doesn't show up) chatting it up and having a good time and then send someone out to go track her down (because she wasn't on the Absent Teacher board and we knew she'd be mad at us the next day if we hadn't searched for her when we knew she was in school), which we estimated would take 5 minutes, and then we'd have 10 minutes left of class (each period was only 30 minutes because of the delay). So that's what we did, and sure enough, when someone went to find her after the 15 minutes, she came rushing back and was so grateful that we stayed and went to find her blah blah and we were all smiling like like little angels when we really orchestrated the entire thing. So that is the story of how I only had French class for 10 minutes. Other than the fact that that totally bored you because it was a "you had to be there" sort of thing... wasn't that genus? Lol :P
5) So I've been on a sort of baking crusade lately. My club in school has had to start thinking about what we're going to do for our booth at the upcoming school carnival, and we decided to do a bake sale. Which may sound totally boring and unoriginal, but I don't think you understand how when my perfectionist tendencies kick in, anything I touch will come out perfectly-executed. And I don't mean that in a braggy way, but in a literal sense because I actually can be so OCD sometimes. For example, recently for a mini bakesale in school, I went on the Crumbs website and ripped this design off of them and let's just say my forgeries were something like those of Neal Caffrey. But anyway. So I've been stalking all these baking blogs (like I do fashion blogs) and compiling a list of ideas I want to attack for our bake sale, and now all I've wanted to do this entire week is bake. So on Thursday, after all my tests were done, I whipped up these bad boys: (minus the whoppers on top cause I'm not a fan and minus 2 oz of cream cheese for those of you interested in trying the recipe but aren't huge CHEESEcake (emphasis on the 'cheese') fans like moi). And gah I discovered baking is so fun. Well I always knew that, but now I'm convinced I want to spend my summer "Julie & Julia"-style and bake something new every day. Well, probably every week because I'm wayyy too lazy to clean up after baking every single day. But actually. I think I'll start a baking blog when I'm an old cat lady with no life. Jk. I'll never be a cat lady-- slash I'm allergic. But anyhoo. If any of you guys have fun recipes you'd highly recommend, I'd love to try them out, so do share! :)
6) I discovered last weekend that the OCD side of me DOES NOT come out when I'm putting on makeup. It was my friend's birthday dinner, so ya know, I wanted to look nice, and so I tried putting eyeliner like on my top lid since I normally just do bottom, and it was a colossal disaster, guys. I just COULD NOT get it right. Merh. I need to learn how one day. Slash I probably need to get the right supplies. But mostly, the problem is me. Lol. 
7) Jack and Finn left NY without me seeing them :( And I just love this pic of Jack WHY IS IT SO EASY FOR BOYS TO LOOK FASHIONABLE?! Seriously now.
8) But other than these not-actually-in-my-life boys, this is how I've been feeling about boys lately: Like this one boy in my sister's gym class kicked a soccer ball into her head and didn't even apologize because according to him, it was her fault for staying in the same place since "Soccer is a game of movement." Like are you for real, man? What happened to chivalry, people?! And yesterday, I was sitting next to some senior boys and they were making all these lewd gestures and comments while this one girl (who is, admittedly, gorgeous) was singing. They're just gross. 
9) I wish I could get my hair in a braid like this: but ever since I got a haircut in September, my hair literally hasn't moved an inch. GROW HAIR, GROW. Slash that's not even the texture of my hair so even if it was long, I'd never be able to accomplish that look. Sigh.
10) Yoooo I just got a notification that the book I placed on hold is available. And since I put both "The Fault in Our Stars" and "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" on hold, it's gotta be one of those two! #scoreeeee
11) Okay, seeing as I've sufficiently bored you already and as I've got to run out and get that book before the library closes, I'm gonna go now, and I will see you tomorrow (hopefully with 25 random facts finally in mind)!

Bye, loves!
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Wrote three years ago
gorgeous sets darling, so inspiring, so talented))))

Wrote three years ago
love it!!

Wrote 4 years ago
This is literally perfection. I love the outfit to bits and the bag and shoes are just the most perfect items to complete the look. The pictures give such a fresh feeling to this set and I just love it so much. Plus, ya know, the layout is pretty much my favourite ;D
I think I liked this set forever ago but am only just getting around to reading your blog :D
1. Woohoo high five to you! So good to finally relax! What do you plan on doing?
4. Ahahaha, that sounds like fun :D Can you seriously just leave class if the teacher doesn't show up? We normally chill for a bit but then some one eventually starts to feel bad and goes to find a sub teacher.
5. I love to bake but the cleaning up is so long -.- The stuff you baked looks awesome and now I'm hungry ;D If you start a baking blog, I'd definitely follow it :D
6. Duuuuuude, this is like my expertise, I finally feel useful ;D Right, if I were you I'd buy some sort of cheap drugstore pen liner just to practice with because it's not worth buying a nice one due to the amount of washing and reapplying. Honestly, the best trick is to just keep practicing. There are a whole bunch of youtube tutorials from various people and so many styles to try out and I would definitely recommend trying them out. Then once you get the basics you can try out better liners, liquid liners and gel. If you're gonna use gel liner make sure you get a really good brush with it. But to start off with I think using those pen things is the best because they're so easy to work with. I'm sorry I don't even know if you wanted all that info, hope it helped if you did though :D
8. Ok, I kinda have to admit from the guy's point of view, his reasoning was pretty solid. But seriously, an apology wouldn't hurt. Sometimes I feel like my head is constantly a magnet for footballs but I guess I have my sweet revenge when I kick the ball over the school fence and into the big bushes :D
9. I love that hair style except I would never be able to get the right texture :( How long is your hair?
I loved reading and catching up, feels good reading other people's thoughts :D Hope you're having a great Friday and Easter weekend :D

Wrote 4 years ago
such a gorgeous set sweetheart!!

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