Seoul Mate

So yeah, there'll be just one last update after this (more like a precuel, even though this chapter is already very very long and might have some mistakes..) 
idk why but I can't sleep so yeah, I wrote this while listening to Lana del Rey album (that's why so many mentions) at around 2 am, so it might be terribly written (my apologies for the ones who'd be disappointed over this horrible story but on the bright side the set is pretty, isn't it? hahaha I'm tired, I need rest :P so now, I'll leave you with the story ^_^ good luck at reading it hahaha xD

 “And then” G made a pause to place the tray of food on the coffee table and sat next to Stephanie “Then…” he said putting unnecessary emphasis on that last word “She disappeared!” Stephanie’s eyes widened and she glared at me sighing loudly.

“So, the whole plan was ruined?” She lamented rolling eyes exasperated.

“That’s not the worst part of it! She also got lost and we all were looking for her!” G also glared at me and offered a sandwich to Stephanie. Since we arrived to Korea my best friend had been treating my with an unusual coldness that I knew I deserved for my childish attitude.
“Jaeseop was really disappointed” Stephanie nodded, probably understanding why “He’s such a nice person! I’d have been so angry!” G threw me a ‘you-are-so-stupid’ glance and pushed the tray to my side as if telling me to eat as well.

“I know…”My female friend looked so sad that for a second I thought something had happened to her. “It’s so upsetting!” She complained shaking her head. “Oh May! You’re so silly sometimes!” she looked at me disapprovingly. “Jaeseop is such a good guy and you…” I finally got tired of my friends’ telling off and I stood up rather annoyed by their behavior.

“And I’m the bad one as always!” I said, my face contorted in anger. “You are right, Jaeseop is so great! That’s why he has never felt anything for me, he’s so perfect to look up at someone like me!” G blew air like an angry bull and rolled eyes.

“Wasn’t he clear enough when he kissed you in front of everybody in the concert?” I opened my mouth to reply but he continued “Oh! Of course not! You didn’t let him talk, you just ran away, like you always do whenever you’re scared!” My best friend had stood up and was looking at me with such resentment that I couldn’t find words to reply to his accusations.
“You’re just so unconfident! You have a problem! You can’t manage relationships! At this rate you’ll end up all alone because you just keep people away from you!” G took some air and I, one more time opened my mouth even though I was not completely sure about what I was going to say, but apparently he had something else to say. “And just to let you know, Jaeseop tried to talk to you after what happened between you two! He went to the office, asking me for help! And when you went out of the city to record that variety show he also came looking for you! He also came to say goodbye before leaving for Japan, right Stephanie?” I looked at her with inquisitive eyes, she slightly nodded and I felt how my breathing pace accelerated “The guys were trying to contact you while they were in Japan, Jaeseop was depressed!” I couldn’t handle anything, I felt like if G’s words were swords thrown violently directly to my chest, but he hadn’t stopped. “He decided on leaving just because he said he needed something to occupy his mind, he wanted to forget you…”

“And I also want to forget h-“ 

“No! You don’t want to!” G shouted furious, making Stephanie to jump on her seat.

“How can you know what I want or not?” my head was hurting, I couldn’t properly think.

“Because I know you…” I laughed bitterly.

“I want to forget about him and everything that happened between the two of us and I want him to forget me as well!” I shouted despairingly.

“Congratulations then! He will!” That last phrase was like a slap on the face, I wanted to cry, but it seemed like if I wasn’t able to cry anymore, no tears filled my eyes, I only heard how G left my apartment and shut the door behind him. 

Two weeks later, in the midst of the New York Fashion Week and after of what I thought it’d be the end of my friendship with G, a light of hope illuminated my office when he shyly knocked the door and peeked through it only to find me abstracted by my work.

“Still working?” He asked casually sitting in front of me, I nodded as response, I wasn’t mad at him but I felt slightly uncomfortable in his presence after our argument. “Hey, listen… I’m…”

“I know how much you hate apologies, I’m not upset, I’m just trying to finish this” I stopped staring at my laptop’s screen and smiled reassuringly. 
“Good to know…” I massaged my temples and covered my mouth to stifle a yawn. “Cause if I were you, I’d be incredibly offended” I laughed

“I know you well and I know you’ve been trying hard to understand me lately. I’m sorry for giving you a bad time, acting like a youngster.” G nodded and stood up to tightly wrap his arms around me, surprising but comforting me at the same time. That was all I needed, it filled my heart more like anything else would.

Not even during her school’s days May had felt as nervous as she was feeling about presenting her work to someone, her knees slightly trembled when she stepped into the monochromatic room decorated with beautiful fashion pictures.

“It’s ok” G put an arm around her shoulders and smiled to her, they looked at each other and laughed at the whole situation.

“Let’s do this like we used to do it in the past” May said running her hands through her skirt to remove the wrinkles.

“How? Knowing that we’d always do it better than the others? G inquired.

“No, silly! Just being amazing as we only are together” The girl replied at the same time a group of people irrupted in the place with serious faces.

“You somehow make me feel like if I had failed as best friend” G mumbled, barely opening his mouth. May simply turned to the jury and blew air before starting her speech.

But later that day a harder task needed to be resolved and May had to use all her poise to confront what she had been neglecting for so long. There she was, after all, gathering all the possible courage and nervously talking to herself, trying to calm down and convince her foolish head that she was doing the right thing. After battling for over five minutes with her dignity, she finally called to the door but there was no response and then ten minutes passed and then thirty but she stoically stood there, ignoring the pain that the shoes designed by her best friend were causing to her feet and trying to pretend that she was not freezing there in that short skirt. And finally after another ten minutes a tall figure appeared in the distance and May’s heart skipped a beat, probably it was the surreal of the situation but she thought she could see a light beam coming from the same place where Jaeseop appeared and she suddenly felt like the protagonist of a TV Show and Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf could be right in front of her eyes one on each side of the man she anxiously was waiting to see. She bit her tongue and remained still, not moving a muscle and holding her breath until Jaeseop noticed her and stopped walking abruptly, his mind working at all its capacity. 

“You’re here” Was all he managed to say, it was not a statement, rather a question and he felt stupid at how an intelligent man like him was unable to think properly in the presence of women. May smiled and confidently nodded.

“It seems you’re busy though so I’ll get going now” And she surprised even herself when she slowly approached to him and kissed his cheek. “I just came to check on you” she smiled brightly to the girls who had suddenly changed the cheerful expression on their faces and were looking at her with disgust. “Two lovely ladies are taking care of you, so I’ll leave without worries” Jaseop, speechless and bewildered stood there, motionless, looking at May’s back once again, this time he could chase after her, this time it was different, but he let her walk away slowly, and he watched painfully how her image suddenly disappeared.

“Not crying?” G asked later when May sank on the couch heavily and massaged her feet.

“I could cry right now with the pain I’m feeling because of your shoes!” May complained massaging her feet.

“You know what I mean, but were really my shoes that uncomfortable?” he said incredulous.

“Try them on yourself! I’ll never be able to use shoes again!” 

“Such a liar!” G protested as he stepped into the shoes “So Jaeseop was with two girls, going home and ignored you? Well don’t blame him, he’s a man after all and you’ve acted like a fool…”

“Supportive as always right? May rolled eyes at the same time she took a cigarette from her bag and walked towards the balcony.

“Seems like this is not our best day, two socialites stole our prize and…”

“Another two socialites stole my boy” May laughed.

“Does it hurt?” G asked slowly approaching to his best friend.

“It depends, my feet hurt less now after seeing you walk with those shoes!” the girl replied smiling. “The prize also hurts less now cause we know they didn’t deserve it and won just because their parents run the magazine”

“And Jaeseop?” G leaned against the doorframe and stared at May with expectation.

“Honestly I was expecting it already, so he also hurts less now, anyway I have my best friend by my side with a pair of killer high heels and the fact Stephanie is out somewhere also helps because otherwise this cigarette would be already gone”

“Just don’t tell her I let you smoke, she’d kill us” May nodded and once again laughed at the comical image G was offering with his skinny legs and a pair of high heels that would have ruined any pedicure.

“G! Come here quickly, help me with this!” Suddenly Stephanie’s voice resounded all over the place and G reluctantly walked towards the door leaving May alone with her cigarette and the cold breeze of New York blowing against her skin and her mind completely blank when she sat on the floor and leaned her head against the balcony railing. 

Jaeseop had seen May’s best friend in various occasions and various hilarious situations but when he saw G wearing high heels he finally understood why May was always tense whenever her friend had males around.

“She's in the balcony with a cigarette” G snapped without even giving AJ time to open his mouth. Jaeseop nodded, thankful that he didn’t have to stay longer in his presence.

When Jaeseop went into the apartment the first thing he saw was May’s back, she was sitting in such a way he couldn’t see her face and her hand was prolifically holding a cigarette. Lana del Rey’s vocals were all over the place and he hesitated for a second when her emotive voice sang in a painful, almost heartbreaking tone ‘You're screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man so why is my heart broke?’ But he regained the composure and walked towards the girl, his heart was beating so fast that he wondered if that was normal.

“Hola” He tried to approach to her smartly speaking in her mother tongue the few words he had learned in the past, but May was not impressed, instead she ignored him completely, she didn’t say a word and her body stayed in the same position. Only her chest seemed to have felt how that simple word had destroyed the last of sanity left in her body. “About earlier…” He said sitting besides her but May cut him off at the same time she moved the cigarette towards her mouth.

“Don’t say anything” she didn’t look up to him. Jaeseop stared at her for a brief moment, he felt the blood boiling inside, that last phrase enraged him like nothing May did previously had done. He wrapped his hand around her wrist and violently snatched the cigarette from her hand, forcing her to look at him directly into the eyes.

“Then why did you come here!” He raised his voice, but May didn’t flinch.

“I came for work. WORK!” she said putting emphasis in that word and getting free from Jaeseop’s hold. His expression darkened.

“Then you shouldn’t have gone to see me” He reproached.

“I know it” May said back, looking at her lap. “I knew I was doing wrong, I knew something like that would happen, but I did it anyways because I wanted to see you, because everyday is painful… when I go back home and you’re not there and next morning I expect you to suddenly show up but you don’t and…” she made a pause and frowned embarrassed by what she had unexpectedly blurted out “And I can’t deny I miss you, and I love you” Jaeseop was taken aback by May’s confession, he felt the urge to smile and tell her he felt the same way about her, however he kept listening to her “But don’t worry, I understand our situation and independently from your feelings I know there’s million reasons for us to stay away from each other, and…” Jaeseop knew that any word would have been useless; instead he put his hand on May’s nape and pulled her into a kiss, a soft and sincere kiss that reminded May why she fervently yearned Jaeseop’s lips and Lana sang that cheesy line with her languorous voice ‘If you're going crazy just grab me and take me I'd follow you down down down, anywhere anywhere’

But magic moments don’t last long, that’s the rule
“Oh! They’re kissing how lovely!” G said from the entrance with a big smile crossing his lips and placing his arm around Stephanie’s shoulders. “Shall we kiss as well?” he greasily asked to May’s perplexity 

“I don’t know if I prefer him being all mean and cruel…” Stephanie rolled eyes pushing G aside on her way into the apartment.

“So you lost to two anorexic girls?” AJ asked later the same night when all of them sat in the living room, listening to May’s playlist of Lana’s songs and drinking wine.

“I wouldn’t call it lost” Stephanie said, “The whole thing was kind of arranged already”

“But the journey was not in vain at all” G said raising an eyebrow and locking gazes with May who had Jaeseop’s head on her lap at that moment.

“You look adorable together!” Stephanie said pretending to wipe inexistent tears from her cheeks. AJ smile at how May blushed and tried to look away to hide it, but he reached out her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers.

“This two are not a joke!” G laughed raising an eyebrow in admiration of the sudden displays of affection. “I’ll call my boyfriend, I feel lonely after someone stole my best friend’s attention” he jokingly added as he glared at Jaeseop.

“Now that you’re at it I’ll do it too. Baekho is somehow dependent of me” Stephanie said taking her cellphone from the coffee table and exchanged a suspicious glance with G. 

“Hey! Did you two?” Seconds later May realized what her friends had done.

“Too late, now we have a proof of this gathering” G laughed.

“I’ll send this to reporters!” Stephanie laughed showing off a picture of the couple in her phone.

“Make sure to send them to me as well” Jaeseop smiled, caressing May’s hand softly.

“Hey! Don’t dare to send those…” 

“Your mom, sister and U-kiss members already received a picture. You look kinda retarded though…”G laughed ignoring the pillow Jaeseop had thrown to his face.

“Why did you send the picture to her parents?!” He scolded, all freaked out. “So embarrassing”

“Did you really send it to the members as well? Oh! They must hate me after the concert thing” May sighed tragically.

“I’ll show this to your children. ‘Uncle G suffered so much a cause of your parents…”

“What children! Don’t be ridiculous!”

“Make sure to tell them about what their mom has done to me” Jaeseop added, looking at May with resentment.

“I’m not the one who takes girls to his house!” She softly slapped his chest.

“I told you already they were just classmates I was assigned with for an investigation!” 

“My parents had my sister while investiga-“

“Can’t you just trust me?” May shook her head slightly, but her voice didn’t reply, Lana’s did instead and with her dark lyrics she explained what men have never been able to understand ‘This is what makes us girls’ and then she threw an odd sentence, it was almost like a prediccion'We don't stick together 'cause we put our love first’ 
And so, for the rest of that night and for the first time since they met each other, May and Jaeseop enjoyed each other’s company without worrying about what would happen next day, they laughed at G’s occurrences and made fun of Stephanie’s attempts of impersonating Lana. Just for that night May made Jaeseop wonder what on Earth was he thinking when he decided to move to New York and as frustrated as he felt, he still managed to remind May why she vehemently repeated over and over again to her friends that holding hands could be as heavenly and pleasant as kissing when you were with the right person. May swallowed all her insecurities and worries and only for those few hours she allowed Jaeseop to dream and let him make plans for the future, even though she knew most of them were unrealizable.
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