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this is a harry potter apprieciation set.
i hope you apprieciate it :)

now, i'm about to write something very long about harry potter, so if you've read enough of these already, go to another set, make a set of your own - do anything but read this description. 

you gone yet?

but if you can stand another emotional 'outburst' of their life during the harry potter decade, i dare you to read on.

you've been warned ....


it feels like yesterday when my year two teacher was reading us harry potter and the philosophers stone. like it was only yesterday when this kid was way more into harry potter than anyone at the time and would reinact the scenes from the movie.

i was in year two and was 8 years old in 2003. The francise had just really begun. i was in the thick of it. i was almsot certain that my letter to hogwarts would arrive at the exact moment i turned 11. but alas, my letter is still lost in the mail ;)

the owls must be having a busy ... 7 ... years? don't crush my hope, you haters out there.

but that hasn't stopped me from loving harry potter with all my heart. i don't remember the exact day or year i read the first book for myself, but it has now counted up to more than a few times. along with the rest of the books, i have read them repeatedly despite the 'advice' from my parents to read a different book.

it pains me to say that i did go through that phase of twilight loving and i forgot about harry potter and the greatness that it is. that was last year. i still have the books and .... don't hurt me, but i have read them all four times. don't kill me!

my dad keeps reminding me that just last year i would say 'harry potter sucks. twilight is better'. it breaks my heart to think how naive i was just a couple of months ago. but that phase came and went and harry potter was at the ready, waiting for me to come back into their familiar arms and give me hopes, dreams and friendship.

my family has a tradition. my mum goes out and buys the new harry potter dvd when it comes out and we watch it all together as a family. this started with the first movie. it's such a clear memory, i feel as if it was yesterday. 

when the movie was finished, i was so scared to go anywhere in the house without someone with me. i should tell you, my house was built in the early 1900's and mum has put stained glass windows in some of the windows places - my mum makes leadlight stuff. the one in the bathroom - with me having an over active imagination, i thought there was a face in amongst the pieces of glass. i thought it was vold - you know who. ;)

we haven't done the tradition since the 3 movie :'( but i complain and complain to my mum and dad that they have to watch the newer ones, to make sense of things in the first three. to know why it's so important to me, why i want to marry tom felton, why the golden trio are like my real life friends and why i believe magic exists.

alas, they skipped the 4th and 5th and only my dad watched the 6th, only to end up confused and asking questions about everything. 

my mum has read the first book though! finally too. she read it a few months ago and i've been telling her to read the next one but she says she's too busy :o

i'm never too busy for harry potter.

it is my life.
my past,
my present


you know in the second one ... ?
good :)

one last thing. 
my facebook status today was:
'haters gonaa hate, but harry potter is life.'

thank you for being there when my friends weren't.
thank you for putting adventure in my life.
thank you for giving me an imagination to write my own stories.
thank you miss rowling for existing.

you are amazing.

i aspire to be like you when i grow up.
you inspire me to write the most amazing stories every time, not just simple, not-so-good one offs.
i want my books to become a part of someone's life.
i want to impact peoples lives because of what i write.

i want a theme park made about my books ♥

i love it.

the end.
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