When I am in England, even the feeling of the pavement is different under my feet. I think the air pressure is different. There is something burdensome that rests on my shoulders, pushes me down into the ground, and leaves my lungs gasping for one last breath of air.


Ellie's right hand dangled loosely by her side before Fletcher snatched it up, lightly pressing his lips to her fingers. Her Royal Highness didn't smile. She hadn't let joy pass her lips since she was summoned back home.

It was a bitter home, she thought.

She could get back on the plane, maybe, and force them to make the return flight. They would have to heed her demands. She was royalty.

No, Mags. Not without Mags.

Basil tugged on his leash, pulling Fletcher forward so fast he almost tripped over his feet. The little beagle was stronger than he looked.

Black town cars were to accompany them to the castle. The mere sight of them made her angry. 

Only a few days in the castle, she thought. Then I'll find a house. I won't live with the rest of them. 

A car door opened, followed by perfectly shined black shoes stepping onto the tarmac. James Windsor smiled kindly.

"Welcome home, little sister."


nb these are not actual outfits just a general depiction of items she would wear
though maybe she would wear a nightgown with gold booties idk

@roses-are-roses i didn't want to go through the whole meeting thing with her boy again so let's just say they met last time she came back to england
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