Wren: How are you, Hanna? I know that you have a lot going on.

Hanna: I'm... Scared out of my f*ckin mind to tell you the truth. They still havne't fould Spencer and I'm starting to get really worried. 

Wren: I think we all are, but you've been keeping with the diet the your doctor gave you? With alll of the stress that you're under you need to have healthy eating habits. 

Hanna; Yeah, between Caleb, my mom, Aria, and Emily I'm pretty much never alone and they make me eat even if I don't want to.

Wren: That's a good thing Hanna. I know things aren't looking too good, but you need to think positive.

Hanna; It's jsut so hard to though. Every time a teen goes missing in Rosewood, they end up dead. 

Wren: Hanna, stop thinking about that. THere is a good chance that she's fine, she's smart, strong, and has a temper. 

Hanna: I guess you're right. 

Wren: So how's Aria doing?

Hanna: She got to go home a few days ago, she's doing alright, she's about the same as me if not more on the stress level. They also put her on bed rest, which she is not happy about.

Wren: Well with the condition she's in she needs to be on bedrest. You have all been through so much these past few years. 

Hanna; I know...

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