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Doctor Who

Welcome to the Doctor Who group! (We hold monthly contests that begin the first of every month) Do you think you’re a Whovian? Well…. If you know what TARDIS stands for. If you know a time-lord has two hearts. If you know a Rose is not just a pretty flower. If you know Shakespeare once quoted Harry Potter. If you know of the woman who walked the earth. If you know who the most important woman of all creation is. If you know of the girl who waited and of her love, the last Centurion. If you say Spoliers! If you know of a girl who is impossible. If you know to stare at stone statues and you know what a Dalek really looks like. If you know Raxacoricofallapatorius isn't just a strange name. If you say Fantastic! or Brilliant! or Geronimo! you are a Whovian and this group is for you!
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