Doctor Who: Guess Who - Each number has a character name behind it. With each number, there is a "Guess Who" character description. 

Object: Try to guess which Doctor Who character is behind each number.

How to Play:
Comment a number. The number with the most comments will reveal a character description. Comment which character you think the description fits. The person who comments the correct character first wins that round. In the next round, that certain character will be crossed out for a different number to be picked. 

Each day, a new number will be revealed based off the comments.

So, who wants to play? Comment a number!
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Wrote three years ago
Alright looks like the number is gonna be 5 :)

Wrote three years ago
Such a cool idea! I'm gonna have to go with 5



T. V shows and Movies

T. V shows and Movies

Anything dealing with T. V shows and movies. Plus actors and actresses.



Hello and welcome to Fan-landia!
We’re a group for everyone that belongs to any sort of fandom - be that bands, tv shows, movies, books etc. - and expresses that belonging through Polyvore sets.
If you’re looking for a place to find friends or a place to showcase your fandom sets, this is the group for you.
All we ask is that that you respect everyone and what they like and make sure you have fun!
We were previously moderated by @popularculture, then @forebodinq and now @misstulane has taken over.
It would be great if you filled out this template ( when you join so that we know what things you’re interested in, but it’s not required :)
If you have any requests or suggestions, be sure to message me (@misstulane)! I'm always open to hear your opinions.
Fan-Landia Challenge Hall of Fame:
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@my-heart-is-art -
@sabrinacarpenterfan -

Thanks for being a part of Fan-landia!

Epic Fangirling

Epic Fangirling

If you are a fan of anything, this is the group for you! Everything is welcome, from popular fandoms, like Doctor Who and Harry Potter, to things you just enjoy, such as cats and Disney.

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