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Hope you don't mind me combing these.

@timetraveler11's questions (sorry it took me so long to do this) - 

1. favorite disney princess?

2. sun or rain?
Rain, I honestly don't like the sun. 

3. what's your favorite subject?

4. do you have a tumblr?
I don't.

5. favorite doctor who companion?
Hmm probably Amy and Rory, but I also really liked Rose.

6. favorite villian?
In doctor who? The daleks, definitely. Classic doctor who villain, weeping angels are rather creepy as well. In general... Voldemort.

7. do you ski, snowboard, or neither?

8. do you like the beach? why?
Not really honestly, it's alright. I'll hang out and read there sometimes but I don't swim nor do I like tanning or the heat if it's sunny that day so I don't like to go. 

9. do you have any pets?
2 dogs, and my sister has a hedgehog. (if that counts)

10. what is your fav color?
Grey, black & white.

11. fav book?
Jane Eyre by Emily Bronte

@the-greatest-love's Questions -

1. If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
Healing or superhuman speed. It'd be great to be able to help people who are hurt or have a disease. Speed would be really cool, I could travel the whole in a day. 

2. If you could pick any actor/singer/model as your boyfriend who would it be and why?
Ben Whishaw, or T.O.P. They're both incredibly handsome and great guys. 

3. Are you going to see the Hobbit Part 2 at the end of this year?
Yes!! I can't wait, I love lord of the rings, and the hobbit. This just reminds me, I was watching the hobbit with my family and my mom called Gandalf 'Dumbledore'. Seriously!? My brother, sister and I freaked out and were like "how dare you?"(jokingly) They're completely different but equally amazing characters.

4. If you watch Teen Wolf, what do you think is going to happen this season?
I don't watch teen wolf, sorry.

5. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?(or white)
Milk Chocolate.

6. Did you have a dream last night? Where you able to remember it?
I never remember my dreams, unless it was a nightmare or really weird. Even then I've forgotten it by the afternoon. 

7. Do you listen to trailer music(songs that are played during movies & trailers) or am I the only one? XD
Kind of. If I hear a song I really like in a movie or trailer, I'll look it up and download it. 

8. What is the that dream you have but to afraid to tell anyone?
I don't think I have one, my dream is to be a fashion designer but I don't hide that. Although I think I may teach.

9. If you listen to kpop/jrock/jpop(anything but english) what group do you feel that needs more love.(no big names)
Nu'est and C-Clown

10. What would the perfect day consist of for you?
Shopping, or having a walk and reading in the park on a cool and slightly rainy day. 

11. Be honest tell what you think of my set. XD ;)
I think it's really cool! I like it, I have no idea how people make doll sets like that. I envy your talent at it. 

My questions -
1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why?
2. Favorite book or movie?
3. Favorite quote?
4. Who's your favorite fashion designer or brand?
5. What is your favorite season(summer, spring, fall, winter)? Why?
6. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
7. If you could meet anyone famous in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
8. Coffee or tea?
9. If you listen to kpop, who's your favorite group? 
10. Favorite character from any movie, book or show?
11. Worst fear?
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P.S. I'm so sad that Matt Smith is leaving doctor who after this years Christmas episode. I'm going to miss him so much. He was my "first doctor", and so the start of an obsession of doctor who. I saw an article about people speculating who the new doctor will be and I saw Ben Whishaw and Richard Ayoade were mentioned. Richard would be hilarious, IT crowd is the best and Ben would be great. Both highly doubtful though.
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