Well, let's get this straight, you like him and you are aching to know if he feels the same way right? 

 O1. He will be looking at you, you then look at him & then he looks away. 

O2. He will do something, like touching, no not in a dirty way, just something flirty, like a poke. 

O3. If you are sitting and your leg happens to touch his, he will not let go of your leg with his. 

O4. Your friends will tell you, he asks about you. :) 

O5. He will be talking right around you and totally ignore you.

O6. When he talks to you, he will smile or choke on his own words. 

O7. He will bump into you, or step on your shoes and giggle behind you. 

O8. He can be talking to others and ignore you. 

O9. He can be mean around his "bros" 

"Hey bro, get over here!" *guy voice* 

But around you.
"Ohh hello, do you wanna play with us?" *sweet voice* 

1O. He may not talk to you, but follow you to the same lunch line or the same table. 

11. He will smile and give you eye contact from across the room, but when you go up to him he will not look up at you. 

12. He will butt into your conversations and add to it. Say you are talking to your friends. 

"Ohh I don't know what dress I should get." you say
"Well. you can..." friend says
"You should get pink, because you said pink is your favorite color." he said. 
{he remembered one of your conversations} 

13. His eyes will get bigger and rounder when he is around you.

14. Does he look at your lips? 
(he wants to kiss you) 

15. If you hear him talking and you hear your name and then his friends look at you. 
{he is talking about you} 

16. He says "you smell nice" or "you have a nice smile" or something like that. 

17. He will do things to impress you.

18. Do funny things around you and looks up at you to make sure you saw.

19. If he is quiet he will be loud around you, or if he is loud he will be quiet around you.

20. Look if he is sweating, or blushing when the two of you talk. 

 I am finished. :) 
any questions inbox me @nomieissoepic 


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