♢ does it suck being ugly? ♢

♔ name – emily rose wakefield
♔ age – 15
♔ appearance – esti ginzburg
♔ clique choice #1 – elites
♔ clique choice #2 – holy trinities [ haha ]
♔ biography – emily is someone you never want to get into a fight with. she simply does not know when to back down. It is utterly impossible to her. she is what seems to be immune to insults. her years of struggling as a famous footballer’s daughter has made her heart grow numb. she’s clever and is always on her toes. she’s a professional trouble maker ruining lives here and there. the magazines loved it. she often speaks before she thinks and her foot in mouth disease often gets her into trouble. she likes to tell it like it is and has absolutely no filter. somehow this just adds to her appeal to people. people see her as a smoldering temptress while others just see a snarky ʙɪᴛᴄʜ. either way, emily takes in the attention, reveling in the spotlight that was permanently on her.
♔ personality – emily is a rather intelligent girl but has a tendency to waste her knowledge on doing rather trivial things. she loves shopping and typical girly-girl activities, but enjoys bumming around and being one of the boys aswell. she is also very flirtatious and known for sleeping around a bit. emily is very good at displaying an air of confidence, and rarely ever lets people see her 'weaker' side. she loves to hate people, she loves to see them fail, she loves to see them cry. it gives her a weird sense of happiness - one she can't control. it's not as if she isn't a nice person, she just doesn't like seeing people happy if she isn't happy. her parents are fed up with her attitude. they see her as selfish, conceited and rude. they know this isn't the real her, she's just confused and acts out in anger. she's very intelligent and can be a real hoot (lol) at times. if you saw her walking down the street, you'd perceive her to be a kind, welcoming, warm type of person. she's easy to get along with - unless you don't piѕѕ her off. when the occasion calls for it, she'll have a good вιтcн session about virtually anyone, but she won't loud mouth it to the whole world - she's cunning and an excellent manipulator. despite everything, emilys a gem, one just waiting to be discovered. she's had her fair share of hardships and just wants to be loved.
♔ likes – indie rock, tight clothing, the rain, oreos, pot, makeup, gaming, poetry, english, bags and warm scarves, pastels, piano, tennis, green tea, hot boys, fashion, fast cars, sex, opera, 90210, her pets, the smell of freshly baked food & exercising
♔ dislikes – awkward silences, greasy hair, cheap brands, losing, clingy people, starchy food, chimes, people who sing and have crap voices, the sound chewing-gum makes, liars, maths, thinking too hard about anything, buzz killers and couples that are all over each other 24/7

♔ family –
[ mother – 39 – claudia wakefield ]
– former model, now employed at vogue as chief in editor
[ father – 44 – gregorio wakefield ]
– former football star, now a lawyer
[ sister – 21 – sansa wakefield ]
– model at victoria's secret
[ brother – 16 – rhys wakefield ]
– studying abroad in medicine
♔ secret – she's become hooked on these anti-depressants that she was prescribed a few years ago when her parents were on the verge of a divorce. she thinks they "calm her down snd keep her level headed" - on top of that, to keep the doctor prescribing them she has to do him "favors." (and we all know what that means) no one really knows about it, but her mother's starting to catch on, finding crumpled packets of empty pills hidden under her bed.
♔ future aspirations – emily wants to do something fashion oriented. she doesn't know what yet, maybe journalism or ideally, on the runway. she wants to maintain her 4.0 GPA and make a lot of money.
♔ additional information – she has two pets, a small kitten called nia, and a maltese shitzu puppy called coco.
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Wrote one year ago
hi! i was just browsing around and i found this collection! it's great, but i don't know if you know this, but the picture for "she knows how to speak chinese" is actually a picture of japanese, kanji. :] just wanted to give you a heads up.


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