Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?

The title for that song is very long so just google the lyrics if you really want to know.
I'm sorry I hadn't realized that I hadn't made anything in so long. I was so busy with work and stuff.
I found out about My Chemical Romance's break up. I was crushed. First it was 30 Seconds To Mars and now them. Two break ups in under a year what a record for Mikey's emotions.
On a brighter side my friend told me she got me a While She Sleeps shirt and I'm so excited. They're so good. My friend that got me it is one of my best friends in the whole world and I love her. She's one of the only people I feel like I can be myself around and she won't judge me. She's so rad.
So on Wikipedia it said Issues is releasing an acoustic EP called Diamond Dreams soon and also a new single called Hooligans.
I know it's wikipedia but still I'm excited.
I love Issues so much their video for Princeton Avenue was great. I can't wait for their Love Sex Riot video. I watched the behind the scenes of it and it looks rad. I love Fronz's vocals in that song it was a good collaboration. Fronz seems like a cool guy.

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