Doll Challenge

Eventually, this will be completed. Eventually.
I guess since I'm not exactly following the rules by making dolls exclusively for the challenge or in order, I'll just do this for myself (in other words, not publish all of these in the group), and advertise the group anyway, because it's fun to do, and advertisement ftw!
The first doll challenge is here:
  • Maat Grayson
    "Sports Doll (#1); Maat Grayson, from the much lamented and abandoned group of Underworld Drift. She rides that beauty of a bike." — @maea
  • Novaline Darrow
    "Fantasy Doll (#2): Novaline Darrow, the heroine of my still-to-be-edited and finished novel. She is an airship captain." — @maea
  • the tune without the words
    "Puppet Doll (#3): As yet unnamed creation. She needs a name." — @maea
  • Jane Porter
    "Jungle Doll (#4), a la my interpretation. Tarzan's beloved Jane Porter, Disney style." — @maea
  • something you've never done
    "Twin Dolls (#6) The twins from my story. As exemplified by Summer Glau." — @maea

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