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Dolly Darling

Welcome To Dolly Darling! Greetings from @elisedawnvancraken & @glamazongal101! If you're gonna join our group (which we hope you will) please read the details. This group is a group for ART & DOLL sets only. We would like for you to express your creativity & love for art & dolls. We know that Art & Dolls are one of the most hardest categories to make in POLYVORE. But here at Dolly Darling is a group for you to step outta your comfort zone and try new things. Please do NOT submit Fashion, Beauty, Interior & Exterior sets here at Dolly Darling. We at Dolly Darling support the campaign 'BE ORIGINAL' please do NOT copy sets or steal ideas off other members sets. We at Dolly Darling have a few rules we would like you to follow: NO Nudity (If the part that are private are covered then it's ok, just no full nude) NO Drugs/ Promotion of Drugs NO Cyber Bullying (Some criticisms/ comments are ok but don't go too far) Feel free to use these hashtags in your Art & Doll sets: #DollyDarling #Doll&Art #Doll #Dollies #Art #Art&Expression #Art&Dolls #DollieDarling *We will have weekly contests that'll be judged very fairly. *Our contests will usually last for a week if not more. *Contests will usually have 5 wins & above except for special occasions Thank you for your cooperation! We hope you guys'll Have Fun & Enjoy Dolly Darling! ^.< This group has been moderated by: @glamazongal101 And co-moderated by: @elisedawnvancraken The details of this group has been written by: @elisedawnvancraken on behalf of @glamazongal101 Please give us a follow! We always follow back! ^.< Thanks!
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