Hello sweeties*))) Hope you're having a great day! First of all I'd like to say that I'm very sad today, the wather is awful!!!! So, I've got a link for you (it's very funny) This is a piece of Ellen Show with Hugh Laurie. The video is about slangs:british and american. If you watch it I'll be glad)
Also I was tagged by @myduza-and-koteczka in their astounding and super cool set:

Rule 1: Always post the rules. 
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people

So, the questions and the answers:
1. What's your favourite memory?
Mmm, well, when I was a little girl (maybe 3-4 years old) I had red boots and I loved them so much, and even in all my old drawings I wear those boots))
2.What are you mostly looking forward to in 2013?
New experiences, new adventures, new friends, new.... EVERYTHING)
3. Who is your favourite designer?
That's a very very difficult question) I love Burberry, Chloe, Carven (I began to adore it lately), Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen and...I think Emilio Pucci! I can't tell one because I love some items from one collection and some items from another!
4. What would you do with one million dollars?
Ahah, I know that if I tell you I would spend the money on clothes that may sound stupid, but I think we all here are shopahlics! So I would spend the money on a house (that wouldn't be enough for a house) or... on my parents!!!!!
5. Which country would you like to visit?
France (definitely), Malaisia (cool beaches) and Spain (again! I've been there for so many times! I'm in love with this country))
6. Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a rabbit Ziggy (Zigmund) and 8 fish, also 3 little little snails in the fishtank)
7. Do you have seeblings? What are their names? What's the age difference?
Yes. There are 5 children in our family. I'm 14 (I'll be 15 in May) then Sofi (she's 10, turning 11 in August), then Grisha (he's 7, turning 8 in July), then Zlata (she's 5 turning 6 in May) and finally Tasya or Taisia (she's just turned 4)
8. Do you have one best friend and many friends or do you have many best friends?
Mmm, I think I have many friends and that's quite good, you can go everywhere with different friends and they all like you)
9. Which type of movies do you like watching?
I love melodramas (tear-jerkers), horror films and thrillers!!! Also smth mystical.
10. Do you live in the city center?
No, but that's quitefine. There is no so much noise and pollution! I'm eco-friendly)
11. Do you spend money on clothes and make up easily?
No, I choose only good products and only the ones I do need. I won't buy eye shadows if I don't need them, but I love to shop)
My questions:
1. What temper do you have?
2. Are you very sociable or shy? Explain
3. What is the perfect friend for you?
4. What are your ideal holidays?
5. Sportive or no? Do you like it? Do you do smth to stay fit?
6. Where would you like to live? Why?
7. Your craziest dream
8. What's your dream date?
9. Do you want to change the world? How?
10. Ideal day. What's it like?
11. Are you a disco diva or a homebody?)
Now I tag:
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