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Holly Alexander; November 15/16

“What is up with you doll?” Sally asked me, leaning backwards against the bar next to me.

“Nothing.” Which was like a mega blatant lie but whatever.

“That is the worst lie I have ever heard.” She rolled her eyes. Shouldn’t she be working or something? I mean we were nearing the end of the night but still there were people at the bar.

“Well at least you know I’m a terrible liar.” I responded, pouring three pints for the guy I was currently serving, “So sleep well knowing I’m honest with you always.”

“Except right now.” She pointed out, picking at her nails.

“Speaking of right now, shouldn’t you be, oh I don’t know, doing your job or something?” I asked, eyebrow cocked for extra effect.

“That’s rich coming from you love.” Dan decided to join our conversation because that man would never miss an opportunity to tease the shit out of everyone, especially if he could tag team with his wife.

“All of you just suck.” I pushed the drinks across the bar to the guy and took his money. Sadly there was no one else at the bar currently so I was stuck facing the self proclaimed mummy and daddy of eve. (Which was ridiculous because Sally was only like 6 years older than me)

“Always.” Sally winked at me. Not cool dude, “Now come on, it’ll make you feel better.”

“I guess I’m just bummed out that everyone I live with is out there having fun,” I gestured in the general direction of where everyone had been last time I’d seen them, “And I’m stuck working.”

“I see.” Sally nodded understandingly, “I call bullsh.t”

“Sorry?” I asked, completely taken aback. That was harsh.

“Well okay that may be a bumer.” She amended with a unapologetic shrug, “But that’s not really why you’re so…not Holly like.” I must have had a skeptical look on my face because she just rolled her eyes, “We’ve discussed this your a shitty liar, remember.”

“Fine, maybe I was lying but why do you even care.” I snapped, surveying the crowed. It was about time for last call. Actually that’s what Terese had just done. So we were distracted filling the last orders for the next 20 minutes.

I’d thought they’d maybe have like forgotten about the conversation by the time we were wipping the bar down for the evening. No such luck.

“We care because we care about you doll.” Sally smiled at me, more sympathetic this time. Dan nodding silently by her side.

“Fine, it’s stupid though.” I shrugged, chucking my tea towel in the general direction of…somewhere else. “It’s just Logan’s going to New York for like the next two months tomorrow morning and I guess I’ll miss him or something.”

Sally and Dan exchanged one of those glances like couples did. Great now they thought I was in love with him or something which was stupid because no. However it wasn’t actually either of them that spoke up first.

“I thought he was just a boytoy and you despised him for being clingy?” Carlie scoffed, over from the other side of the bar. Clearly she’d been listening in, “Shouldn’t you be happy he’s gone. You get a break from him but still get his money when he gets back.”

“We’re not dating but I mean he is my friend. I do like him.” I snapped because ugh people’s opinions of me sometimes were depressing, not that I gave them much reason to think otherwise, “I enjoy his company. I’m not actually shallow enough to sleep with someone just for their money.”

“No one said that Holly.” Dan tried to soothe me. Which was BS because she’d basically implied I was like a hooker or something.

“Yes she did.” I snapped turning on my heel away from them, “You can deal with the clean up. I’m going over to Logan’s.” I didn’t even bother to look over my shoulder instead heading for Terese’s office. I’m sure she’d be understanding and let me clock out early.


“Holly,” I was super rudely woke up by someone at a time I didn’t know but was sure was way to early to be up, “Holly babe, it 9 o’clock.” Logan. That was Logan. Waking me up to early.

“I don’t care.”

“Holly I gotta go at 9:30.” He leant down and kissed my neck. And continued to do so. Clearly no more sleep for Holly.

“Okay, okay, I’m getting up.” I sighed, pushing him off without opening my eyes, “Now get off.”

15 minutes later I was dressed in the clothes I’d changed into at the club last night, sitting straddling Logan’s lap. It hit me, as he leant forward to kiss me that I would actually genuinely miss the boy Maybe not as much as I should for someone I was ‘dating’ but more than I expected I would.

“I have a Christmas present for you.” He told me, as he broke away.

“Really?” My face lit up. I liked presents.

“Yes. Ma’am.” He said, reaching behind him and handing me a small box, “Though you’re not allowed to open it till Christmas.”

“It’s not like a ring or anything is it.” I asked, eyeing the package suspiciously.

“You think awful highly of yourself.” He sounded amused. So it clearly wasn’t. Good boy.

“I’m just asking.” I shrugged, before wrapping my arms around his neck, “You never know.”

“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” He cocked an eyebrow at me, before rethinking the question, “Actually don’t answer that.”

“You know me to well.” It was my turn to kiss him this time, “But you know, it’s my Birthday well you’re gone also.” I said slyly.

“You are a demanding little thing.” He sighed, head leaning back against the couch, “Carson has it. To make absolutely sure you don’t open it before your Birthday.”

“Fine ruin my fine.” I sighed before climbing off him, “It’s 9:30. We should go wait for you sister outside.” Logan’s sister Sammie was picking him up, but really I just wanted to get away from the sentimental.

“I really will miss you I hope you know.” I told him, as Sammie pulled her expensive ass sports car into the driveway.

“But not enough?” He looked down at me with a sigh

“Not as much as you want.” I admitted honestly, there was a long pause before I added quietly “This changes nothing”

“I didn’t think it would babe.” He leant down to hug me, and for another long kiss. The last one for more than two months. Well last one from him anyway, “Like I said, I’m not stupid. I know you.”
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