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name: elena 'elle' yamada
age: 20
birthday: june 26
year: freshman
major: art
style: comfort over style, but without fail would always be in colorful ensembles with eccentric accessories. takes miroslava duma as her style icon.
biography: elle is a crowd pleaser who rather fakes a smile than cause complications with her honest thoughts. she's always been independent since being sent off to private school in new york - a must for every well-to-do heiresses - but she enjoys being on her own most times. elle is ambitious though she always suppresses her thoughts and goals, fearing failure or heartbreak.
model: park sora
taken by: @n-zy
(ps. elle REALLY doesn't like to say her true feelings so some of the things below might not be her real personality/thoughts...)

▶Tell us about you.
Hi, I'm Elena, but please just call me Elle. I was born in Tokyo, Japan but I pretty much grew up in New York City. I attended a private school up in Manhattan since I was ten, though I occasionally spent summer vacation in Europe. My mom's a food stylist and the two of us would always travel throughout Europe when she's working, since it's the only time I could spend with her. My family's ...complicated. Anyways, I like traveling. Meeting people is fun too, I guess. But you have to admit it gets sort of tiring constantly making introductions. Oh, right now isn't so bad, really. I'm not really an interesting person, so I suppose that's all you will want to know about me.

▶How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
People always say I'm nice, and friendly. I like to smile - a lot. They say smiling is infectious, so I guess that's why people find it nice to be around me. I'm always the one friends turn to when in need of help, or simply the person to give a shoulder to cry on. I think that's part and parcel of being a Cancerian. But I can be sensitive, too, which is why I avoid sappy stories or movies. 

▶What is your history? Tell us about life growing up.
Like I've said, I was born in Tokyo but spent most of my life growing up in a private school in Manhattan. My parents were never married, but my father took custody of me while my mother pursued her dream of being a food stylist. The Yamadas are sort of ... famous. And rich. Like crazy conglomerate kind of rich. From what I know (according to wikipedia - yes I googled my own last name sometimes), the businesses include entertainment and media, electronics, home shopping and also properties. So yes, I did grow up with the best clothes, best food and best toys. I had a butler, a nanny and even my own personal chef. That was before my father decided to ship me off to Manhattan for private school. I didn't mind spending time away from the family, because I never really did spend time with any of them anyways. My father was always busy (work, women...) so I took it as a valuable lesson to be independent. Tabloids like to do pieces about my father and his lady friends, but it never really bothered me. I grew up fine, I believe. Even though I was born with a silver spoon, I still know what it means to work hard in life. And oh, I have an older half-brother, Bryan. He lives in New York now, trying to make it big as a DJ or whatever it is that hipsters do. He's a very nice guy, but not someone I would want to spend too much time with.

▶What are your likes, dislikes, favorite bands, hobbies, ect? 
I am very passionate about art. I've always loved painting and drawing since I was little, and it was a good way to kill time then. I feel satisfied after I'm done with each piece I make. I like having a good time with my friends but more than anything, I love it when I get to unwind with a good book at a coffeeshop on weekends. I also like fresh flowers, going to the farmers' market, traveling or taking road trips, playing with animals, watching comedies or horror films and I prefer homecooked meals over takeaway fast food. I also like it when someone is honest with me. 
I am not a huge fan of dramas or confrontations, because those things are too much of a headache to bear with. I don't like the feeling of hurting others, either. I hate crying in public so you won't find me watching any sappy movies. I also dislike rushing when I wake up late in the morning, or waiting too long for someone. 
I love music - it's pretty much my best friend in life. I listen to everything from Japanese pop music to Lana Del Rey, the weeknds, florence and the machine, rihanna... yea, there's always a tune to every occasion. 

▶Finally, If there was a quote to describe you, what would it be?
"I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while."
- from Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami

▶Why do you want to be apart of this roleplay? 
It seems like such a good roleplay and I stumbled upon one of the stories and it was so good. I also like how I get to build my own character and there's not really the pressure to write xx-sets per week. 

▶What other roleplays are you in? 
Education in Revolution, though I've been stalking a friend's former rp sets for a while...

▶List your top three model choices.

▶Do you have some sort of storyline planned for your character? 
Uh-huh. And I'm dying to get started on her :)



I caught a whiff of freshly brewed coffee the moment I stepped into the coffeehouse, a favorite haunt for my weekend mornings. It was also a convenient space to kill time while reading a book without the bustle of the rest of the city.

Mostly because nobody else but myself and the other three regulars knew about this hole in the wall space. The coffee is average, at best, but as I've said - it's a good escape from chaos.

"Morning, sweetheart," Jackie O, the owner and a boyishly-handsome man, popped from the back kitchen with a warm smile as I took my usual spot by the window. 

I hated it when people call me 'sweetheart'. I am not your sweetheart. I have a name. But I pulled a smile to him as he walked over with a cup of coffee for me. 

"Morning to you, too, Jackie."

"New book?" he gestured to the book I'd placed on the table. I just nodded, and took a polite sip of the coffee. It tasted bland so I placed it back down and picked up the book instead.

"Heard you're moving to college soon," he suddenly pulled over a chair and sat facing me. I was uncomfortable with the uninvited company and the fact that news of me leaving the city had made its round. 

I wondered if Gossip Girl really do exist in real life...

"I'm moving to Seattle," I told him as my smile tightened. "I'm going to miss this place."


"But hey, that's just a few states away as compared to moving back to Japan," he chuckled to himself. He ran his fingers through his greasy dark hair while his eyes fixed on me. "Maybe I'll drop by for a visit someday."

No, don't.

"Sure," the lips spoke instead. But it seemed to do the trick to rid him away from me, as he stood up and disappeared for the rest of the morning. He was probably dozing off at the back kitchen. 

By noon, I had emptied the cup of coffee and finished a quarter of the book. I gathered my things and left the place, greeted suddenly by the sound of cars blaring their horns and people speaking loudly on their cellphones. 

It was like I had just stepped into a new world, one where I wished had come with a mute button. 

"I knew I'd found you here," a voice startled me from behind. I turned around and spotted a familiar face standing right behind me with a goofy grin plastered on his handsome face. 

"Is that your new pick up line, Bryan?" I grinned as I leaned over and gave him a warm hug. It was nice to bump into my brother right now, though I probably wouldn't want to stick around too long - those pants he decided to wear today was just attracting too much unwanted looks from the crowd. 

"Hey, it worked, didn't it?"

"Only because it's me."

We continued walking, heading back towards my apartment close to Fifth Avenue. He filled me in on his life - read: clubs, DJ gigs, tales of drunk night outs - while I listened. At least pretended to. 

When we arrived at my apartment, much to the amused look on the bellboy downstairs the minute he saw Bryan, my brother claimed a spot on my couch. 

"I can't wait to move into this place," I heard him as I grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, drinking the glass down in a gulp, before wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. 

"Of course you can't - my place is bigger than yours and you just can't wait to turn it into an orgy pad," I spoke under my breath before I walked into the living room. 


"Dad sent an email last night," he suddenly said as I joined next to him. "He says good luck with college. And if you need anything just holler. He didn't really say 'holler' but you know what I'm getting at..."

I nodded nonchalantly. I found the TV remote and turned it on, watching an episode of Modern Family though the volume was on mute. Neither of us made a point to turn it up as we sat silently watching the TV.

"College is going to be fun," Bryan finally spoke. I turned to him and saw he was looking at me with a warm gaze. Oh God, he's going into the whole brotherhood mode now.

"I know," I spoke almost too quickly before he could start rambling on his own college experience. Believe me, hearing it once was more than a horrifying enough moment.

"I'm just a call away if you need anything."


He suddenly stood up, and yawned loudly. 

"Is it okay if I sleep here tonight? They're doing up the wallpapers at my place...," he trailed off as he dragged himself into one of the bedrooms down the hallway. 

My smile immediately melted into a scowl. He didn't even ask for my reply, not that he ever did so. I made a mental note not to kill him in my sleep tonight.

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