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hey (◕‿◕✿)

so its a cute outfit ha and tbh ive just had a really shitty day and ive been upset in general recently
i had a shitty sunday and monday at school and then i came home on monday only to find out one of my biggest idols and queens ever was found dead i just wanted to literally cry for ever oh just look at her ;)
r.i.p princess, i love you so much.

ive been okay today i guess 
i got cheered up by my friends and stuff 

i also am doing a sponsorship with @chicnova so that will be fun! im going to start the sets tomorrow, so maybe my outfits will be a little bit different and not my usual style but ha its going to be different and fun and yeah i've never done this stuff before and ill try and sorta make the chicnova clothing into my own style or something. but wow im really excited, thanks so much! omg. 

also the quote up there is spot on tbh.

i feel like watching re runs of mmfd over and over again bc legit that tv show is part of me and i can't function without at least watching an episode every day it calms me down and makes me smile ;) 

also you know what else makes me happy? the fact that i'm followed by shelby on tumblr and also knowing that i have some really cool friends on here, i love you all alot? more than you could imagine. 

oh and maybe 5sos, one direction and the vamps might create most of my happiness too ha. 

also what is with this ashton smoking thing anyways like ive seen the pic on twitter and its this

wtf if ashton really is smoking then like wow damn that is hot tbh and excuse me who is the girl can she pls move 

anyways i gotta goo

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