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Welcome to 2013 everyone :D Except Holly and Grace and Isa and Ana who are all still stuck in 2012! Used @kkerry and @chrissykinz 

Holly Alexander; December 11

“So you haven’t asked me how my date with your brother went.” I chirped cheerfully at Evie as we strolled through Carillon arcade. I hadn’t really talked to her much since then actually because she’d probably been avoiding me. We were in the city now though which was my playground so I had her cornered.

The look she shot me in response was completely scathing, “We had a deal remember?” 

“Sorry, what?” I asked feeling quite confused really.

“I would help you get an in with Benny if you stuck to my rules. Remember?” She said in that tone of voice that said she thought I was stupid.

“Yes I remember.” I rolled my eyes because of course I remembered. I wasn’t actually that stupid. “I just don’t know what that has to do with anything.

“One of the rules was no sex details.” She explained slowly and totally condescendingly which I so did not appreciate.

“I haven’t slept with him so you know I’m not breaking any rules.” I shrugged as we stopped in front of Diva. I really needed some new neat jewellery 

“Firstly that is a sex detail.” She said before her whole demeanour changed, “And secondly you really haven’t slept with him?” 

“I can’t tell you that.” I shrugged cheekily, before adding with a wink “That’s a sex detail.”

“No alright fine you can answer my question.” Evie said no quite desperately but sorta kinda close if you know what I mean.

‘Nope.” I shook my head trying not to grin, “A deal is a deal and I always stick to my deals.”

“Holly.” She narrowed her eyes and said in a way that I meant was meant to be warning.

“Ask your brother.” I shrugged with a cheeky smile, “Now if you excuse me I think I see Tyler and I had something very important to discuss with him.” I told her before skipping off to where Tyler had just come into my view chatting with Lou and Carson.

“Hi guys.” I grinned stopping in front of them.

“Heya Holly.” Carson slung an arm around my shoulder, “Why did you break Evie this time?” He asked

“I didn’t break her.” I shrugged my shoulders, with his heavy arm still across them I might add.

“I bet you told her all about the sex you were having with her brother.” Carson nodded wisely.

“Actually,” I haughtily flipped my hair over my shoulder, “I told her I hadn’t slept with her brother.”

“I see. So now she’s trying to figure out if you have or haven’t.” Carson clearly understood. Tyler did as well but he looked sort of more disapproving.

“So have you?” Lou spoke up teasingly.

“That’s for me to know and no one else to.” This was to much fun. Really it was.

“Except Benny.” Tyler interjected still looking at me like I was a troublesome high school student. He was the biggest spoilsport out.

“Well yeah. I mean I assume he knows.” I shrugged, in the process dislodging Carson’s arm, “But I actually came over here to kidnap Tyler. That alright with you guys?” I asked Lou and Carson, giving Tyler himself no choice.

“Sure.” Lou shrugged.

“I see how it is.” Carson cried melodramatically, “Fine have Tyler. Me and Lou will have more fun without you guys anyway.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder now. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable she was with it actually.

“Alright you kids have fun.” I waved before dragging Tyler off with me.

“You should be nicer to Evie.” He said like almost straight away, never missing out an opportunity to bit.ch.

“I honestly didn’t even mean to do it this time.” I told him as I slipped my arm through his, because I hadn’t. Not really.

“Still.” He said, but didn’t press it any further which meant he believed me. “What did you want to talk to me about.”

“I need a lift on Thursday into South Perth. And since you work there and all.” I said, hoping he would agree without asking questions.

“Yeah sure.” He answered. Well that was easy. But then unfortunately he didn’t leave it there, “Where are you going.”

“A date.” I shrugged.

“Can’t you just get Benny to take you?” He asked curiously.

“Well I could.” I laughed awkwardly, “But I think getting him to take me to a date with another guy is crossing a line no matter how casual of a thing you got going on.”

“Another guy?” Tyler asked, looking sort of confused. Like he hadn’t known me for 9 months.

“Yeah. Dylan.” I nodded.

“What about Benny?” Tyler asked.

“What about him?” I asked with a shrug, “What about Logan? What about the other 10 guys you were talking about the other day.” 

“Alright. Sorry your point is made.” Tyler raised his hands in a gesture or surrender.

“Great, so you’ll take me?” I asked, just to double, triple confirm.

“I already agreed didn’t I?” He asked, looking vaguely amused. 

“Great thanks.” I leant up on tiptoes to press a peck on his cheek, “You’re my favourite Tyler.”

“Only because I humor you.” He rolled his eyes, “One of these days I’m going to learn to say no to you.”

“No you won’t.” I said confidently, before lowering my voice to a conspiratorial whisper, “Because I know I’m your favourite as well.”

[Off to go watch the scorchers game. I'll write that Grace story and hopefully an Isa one after]
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