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  • Playsam - Rocket
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    The Playsam Rocket can't only raise a small astronaut in children's rooms, but also in offices or living rooms the rocket will give wings to your fantasy as decoration object. Rocket has a friendly and clear design which "stimulates the childish senses and encourages children's fantasy” according to the Playsam founder Carl Zedig, as well as all the products by the Swedish manufacturer do. This is how every child will experience its own universe adventure. The rocket out of lacquered wood wont only delight children, but also grownup design enthusiasts, because of the typical minimalistic shape. The Playsam Rocket is suitable as both: Gift for science fiction fans and friends of classic design as high quality living accessory.
  • Jellycat 'Bashful Bunny' Stuffed Animal
    A friendly, supersoft stuffed animal provides the perfect snuggling companion for your little one. 14" height. Polyester; hand wash. By Jellycat; imported. Kids' Wear.
  • Magis - me too Magis Me Too - Pingy Tumbler Boy
    Pingy is a funny companion for the journey, they enrich every children’s room. Eero Aarnio was inspired by real penguin chicks for his tumbler boy design. The Pingy tumbler boy by Magis Me Too brings the cheeky polar bird now into child’s rooms in a playful way: If Pingy is pushed or boxed; the huge tumbler penguin will tumble a little with somehow awkward movements from one side to another, as if it was a real penguin. Since Pingy is made out of robust polyethylene, it can serve as punching-ball outside. If the Eero Aarnio designed tumbler boy isn’t dancing, it also makes a pretty lovingly figure as decoration object.
  • Magis Design Magis - Archetoys US Truck
    Iconic shapes and enormous recognition value: The Archetoys US Truck by Magis is a model car, which also delights design enthusiasts. The idea for the Archetoys collection from Floris Hovers was inspired by the thought of interior balance of working and playing. The designer searched for recognizable forms and colours, which would transform the motorized vehicles into unique pieces that are even recognizable when the style is reduced to the absolute minimum. The US Truck is such an archetypical object: The lorry with the long bonnet and the high driver’s cabin represent the "American Dream” and adventures in liberty. Emotions, recognition value, nostalgia and sentimental feelings… all this is caught inside of the Archetoys US Truck by Magis, which is the reason why it is much more than a children’s toy. The US Truck of the Magis Archetoys collection is handmade out of industrially produced materials. The ball bearing mounted wheels are made of nylon.
  • Vintage Madame Alexander Doll Wendy
    Find great deals on eBay for Vintage Madame Alexander Doll Wendy in Madame Alexander Dolls made between 1948 and 19599. Shop with confidence.
  • Arctic the 14 Inch Sitting Stuffed Polar Bear by Aurora at Stuffed Safari
    Arctic the 14 Inch Sitting Stuffed Polar Bear by Aurora is all smiles, probably because he knows he will be coming to your home soon! This adorable plush polar bear is fourteen inches tall and full of joy. Our sitting polar bear stuffed animal has an
  • Wooden Giraffe Ruler | Rex International Childrens - From Maia Gifts
    Children's Giraffe Ruler ★ NOW ONLY £2.95 ★ Make measuring fun with this cool wooden Giraffe Ruler, it's great for school and makes a fantastic birthday gift!
  • areaware - Cubebot
    Traditionally, robot toys were made out of plastic and needed a battery. Not so does the Cubebot by areaware. Inspired by the Japan Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the designer David Weeks created his Cubebot out of cherry-tree wood. Cubebot is a combination of Japanese tradition and contemporaneous toy-culture. Like one of the popular television heroes, Cubebot is transformed into a futuristic robot with only few hand grips. If it is time to rest, the Cubebot will become a perfect cube again. Like a hero it poses, walks, dances, kneels or simply stands – the Cubebot can adopt numerous poses. Its joints and muscles are kept flexibly together by rubber bands. And like it should be, a real robot like Cubebot is nearby unbreakable: The wooden model is hard and robust and therefore resistant to nearly every shock. Cubebot was made to survive generations of playful hands. But the charming robot is not only suitable to play with it: As an ornamental item Cubebot does also feel comfortable, on your desk or shelf. Cubebot is suitable for children from 3 years up.
  • Winter Cute Rabbit Earmuff Ear Muff Warmer: Toys & Games Winter Cute Rabbit Earmuff Ear Muff Warmer: Toys & Games
    • Boo Plush Monsters, Inc.
    • Mike Wazowski Plush Monsters, Inc.
    • Maternity Military Jumper
  • Tricks The Turtle Dreamy Eyes Stuffed Animal By Aurora at Stuffed Safari
    Big eyes have a way of winning hearts in a big way, and that holds true for our adorable Tricks The Turtle Dreamy Eyes Stuffed Animal By Aurora. Measuring 10 inches in size, Tricks The Turtle is made from a heavenly soft shaggy plush fa
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  • Hape E4001 Beach Basics Toy: Toys & Games
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  • Baghera - Fire Truck Pedal Vehicle
    No other object reveilles the child in a man like the automobile. This bridge from young to old beats iron sheet vehicles of the French manufacturer. Baghera on its most elegant and beautiful way. Because the vehicle inspired children and adults comparably and proved that toys don't need an age limit. A very special example in the exclusive collection of Baghera is the true to original fire truck, which is god for children between 3 and 5 years and also parents and grandparents will have fun. With much love for the detail, the fire truck geared according to the manufacturer on a model of 1938 (licence tag). They also thouht about a removable letter, a waterskin with winch and the characteristic bell. The high quality material and the imposing processing assures permanent fun with the oldtimer. And thanks to the rubbered weels the Fire Truck can also be used in he house. Discover the child in yourself and use the hay wagon, to follow the same intest as your child and spend some time tigether. The cars of Baghera offer generation-overlapping fun while playing and collecting. And every toy is safety-proved like the European standards.
  • Fairy Tale Finger Puppets
    Fairy Tale Finger Puppets. Create a magical puppet show with these vinyl puppets! Featuring frog princes, kings, knights, wizards and other fantasy story...
  • Naef Toys Naef - Tectus Cube
    Imposing architecture: Tectus is based on a model and drawings under the names "System 618" by Jo Niemeyer from the year 1996. Tomohiro Nakamura picked and followed up with the idea to a later moment. The result is a timeless and creative toy for young and old. The many times by the golden ratio separated cube is covered by black areas. In the game those become fundamentals, walls or roofs and the player to real architects. Everything inserts very harmonic into each other. In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to (=) the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The golden ratio is an irrational mathematical constant, approximately 1.6180339887. Other names frequently used for the golden ratio are the golden section (Latin: Sectio aurea) and golden mean. Other terms encountered include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin: Sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut, golden number, and mean of Phidias. The golden ratio is often denoted by the Greek letter phi, usually lower case (φ). Mostly the line proportion is used in art and architecture as ideal proportion and as embodiment of aesthetic and harmony. For the Swiss company Naef it was a impulsion, to bring the object at the end of 2008 under the name "Tectus" on the market. Without Tomohiro Nakamura it would have never came so far, the idea and the copyright are Jo Niemeyers, who works with the golden ratio since centuries in the category of concrete art. For all Naef toys are only high quality woods from ecological plantation growth in Europe and only quality colours of highest amicability are used. From the baby age to the senior participants, the different products offer happiness and enjoyment and convey creativity and fantasy.
  • Naef Toys Naef - Cella wooden toy
    The smallest unit in a cell or the most holy part of an antic temple – Cella symbolises this path. Peer Clahsen designed nine divisible shell elements that fit into each other and become chambers, rooms, flowers and leaves. There are no limits to creativity. For the start some example constructions are available that can easily be realised. But there are infinite possibilities for creating new worlds from the wood elements. Naef-Spiele designs and produces toys since 1957 from the best ideas and materials with the aim of developing the creativity of people. By doing this the Swiss meanwhile made an excellent name for themselves all over the world. Choose your favourite Cella for you and your kids from three colours and show off your design talent!
  • Paper Dolls Vintage Paper Dolls Celebrity Paper Dolls
    Judy’s Place offering Paper Dolls including Dress Up Paper Dolls, Vintage Paper Dolls, and Celebrity Paper Dolls.
  • Donkey Poducts Donkey Products - Wooden Notebook - I-Wood - My first Laptop
    With the I-Wood Laptop, Donkey Products presents a Laptop for the small ones – of course purely ecologic and children adapted. The I-Wood has been designed by Bea Seggering and leans on the design of a classic notebook. The children adapted edition however, is made out of light wood and has blackboards instead of keypads and screens, so that children can live out their creativity on it. The according chalk is included in the delivery and stored where usually the mouse pad is. The I-Wood from Donkey Products has the dimensions 24 x 35 x 2.5 cm and also serves as occupation for the way. The I-Wood is not adapted to children of less than 36 months since it contains small items that can be swallowed.
  • Original Art Art Dolls by Julie Ippoliti
    Welcome to my little shop. :) Find my Art Dolls in the Summer 2013 issue of Prims magazine and previously in the Winter 2013 and Winter 2012 issues
  • Sonnenleder - Soccerball - Torelli 54 Bern
    Some soccer-fans remind themself: 50 Years ago, the soccerballl wasn't a hightech-product made of plastic which were tested with lasers and in the wind. In those days myths spread like the ''Wunder von Bern'' and the ''Wembley-Tor'', which always had the same performer in the centre point: The good old leather ball. Sonnenleder, the leather specialist from the Bodensee, published this original eighteen-zoned leather ball like it was last played at the world soccer cup in England in 1966. 18 Stripes on planted, tanned and flex levelled Allgaeu calf leather are hand sewed. This work of art is not only for the vitrine. It gives you a ball feeling from which some soccer player dream of. The ball was awarded with the "Design Plus 2005".
  • Ebulobo Circus Betty the Tightrope Doll
    The Magic Circus is a story about a happy, funny, vintage circus full of adventures. Betty the Tightrope Doll has a removable cape and tutu. Ebulobo Toys are lovingly designed in France by Anne Lelong & Ferdinand Lecomte. Ebulobo believes
  • Baghera - Speedster Children's Car
    No other object reveilles the child in a man like the automobile. This bridge from young to old beats iron sheet vehicles of the French manufacturer. Baghera on its most elegant and beautiful way. Because the vehicle inspired children and adults comparably and proved that toys don't need an age limit. As children's car, the Speedster is the high quality alternative to the plastic bolide. Starting from the first year of it's life, the racer can collect experiences on the wheel. And when the little ones go to sleep, the parents will also have fun, at least with looking at the shape and technique of the classic old-timer. Made of metal, the Speedster is strong and lively for the first, safe tours at home or in the garden. Discover the child in yourself and use the speeder to have the same interest as your child and spend some time together. The cars of Baghera allows generation comprehensive fun while playing and collecting. Every vehicle is safety-proved like the European standards.
  • Ballerina Cat Plush Toy
    Ballerina Cat Plush Toy
  • Baghera - Monthléry Pedal Vehicle
    The pedal vehicle Monthléry of the French manufacturer Baghera delights children and adults, since it is not only a toy for kids, but it also wakes childish dreams and memories in grown-up ones. The vehicle is for children from 2 to 6 years. In this age the Monthléry is the perfect toy for the prospective racer. The pedals and the seat are adjustable so that every child can drive it. Discover the child in yourself and use the hay wagon, to follow the same interest as your child and spend some time together. The cars by Baghera offer generation-overlapping fun while playing and collecting. And every toy is safety-proved according the European standards. But not only the little ones like the Monthléry, also the adults, whose hearts beat faster while looking at the high quality model of a classic old-timer. With the vehicles, the French manufacturer Baghera lets its child-dream come true. Discover the child inside you... The cars of Baghera offer generations of comprehensive fun while playing and collecting. And thereby every vehicle has been tested according to European standards.