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tuesday 4th of december, 2012; The Art major's are showing their work tonight at a special exhibition. It will cost you 10 dollars to get in but it's for a good cause, half of your money will be donated to the salvation armies christmas collection and the other half is donated to recovery efforts for hurricane sandy.

"All this art work reminds me how much I lack creativity" I commented as Aria and I stood in front of a large painting with splashes of vibrant colour. The only thing I seemed good at was story writing but I lacked time to write that I fear that I've lost my magic touch. I couldn't remember the last time I wrote a page of my novel in progress, it had been so long. 

"You don't lack creativity, silly" Aria laughed, shaking her head. "But" she paused, "can you figure out what this is supposed to be a painting of?" she asked, leaning in as she whispered so no other bystander could hear her. I let out a small laugh and shrugged; for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it was. 

"I don't know if I'll understand art" I confessed. "You're never supposed to know the deeper meaning of a person's work" Aria responded as we continued to wander, peering at a new sketch that was only small but didn't lack any sort of detail, the picture so vivid. 

"I guess, it's just confusing" I nodded, at least with this picture I could make out what it was. It was a sketch of a young girl, instead of random splashes of colour on a large canvas. "What I find confusing is your booming social life" Aria said, though joking as she flashed me a grin and nudged me. 

"Social life? What social life?" 

"Don't play dumb with me, girl" Aria laughed, shaking her head. "You've been out and about, I barely see much of you in the house anymore and you were even out the other night too" she added. Dang it, she had noticed that I had gone out but she didn't know where. Though that mystery wouldn't last long, unlike the paintings surrounding us. 

"Yeah, Scott took me out to dinner" I smiled, shrugging casually. "Ally, you didn't even come home afterwards" she paused, "where'd you go? Did you have a cute sleepover with him and watch movies?" she asked. I fought the grin wanting to form, it was in fact the opposite to that. Instead, it was romantic and exhausting, I can't recall what time we went to sleep either.

Aria looked over at me as she waited for a reply, I simply stood there with a dumb grin on my face. "You just watched movies, right?" Aria asked. 

I just grinned more and it almost began to hurt but I didn't care. Aria's eyes widened a bit when she realised what could have happened. 

"You didn't?" she said, looking at me sceptically. I looked down slightly, a blush coming across my face. "Oh my god you did" Aria said, covering her mouth. "You had sex."

"Aria not so loud" I said warningly. Aria laughed a little, " I can't believe it. I mean... I am not sure what I mean right now" Aria said shaking her head a little.

"A good can't believe it or a bad can't believe it?" I questioned, wishing that my cheeks hadn't given me away. I was also certain the grinning hadn't helped, but I couldn't help it, I was a happy girl now. Not that I wasn't before, just, I guess, happier. 

"A good can't believe it" Aria laughed, shaking her head again as she remained in a state of shock. A couple moments of silenced passed, I peered over at Aria, waiting for her to say something. "So yeah, it happened" I nodded. 

"And..." Aria said trailing off, "I mean you can't just drop a bombshell like that and not give me details" she said placing a hand on her hip. 

I looked at her confused, "You want to know details of me and Scott having sex?" I asked quietly. Aria rolled her eyes, "I don't want a play by play if that is what you are thinking. I mean how did this happen?" Aria said. "You were all for being a virgin." 

"I was not" I huffed a little.

"Are you kidding? I was worried he'd have to wait like six months or even a year" Aria admitted. I couldn't stop my mouth from gaping open in shock, I shook my head instantly. "I made my decision the other month, the camping trip, do you remember?" I asked. 

"I didn't think you were serious" Aria replied quickly, still shaking her head slightly. 

"Well, I was" I shrugged. 

"Stop stalling" Aria paused, "details and not whether or not you made that man scream or not." I let out a small giggle at her comment, shaking my head at her small joke; though I couldn't really tell if she was kidding. 

"Well, he took me out to dinner which was really nice and I have a feeling it was expensive too" I paused, "then we went back to our hotel room that he had booked."

"He booked a hotel room?" Aria asked surprised. "Wow. Also where did he get money? You can't get paid for being a puppy." 

"Aria, can you stop calling him a puppy?" I asked. Aria shook her head, "no I don't think I can" she said, shrugging. 

"So you went to the hotel room and then what? Were you all like my body is ready?" Aria said, moving her arms to re-enact the infamous snape gif. 

I giggled, "No. Definitely not."

"Fine, if it wasn't like that, then how was it?" Aria asked, holding back a laugh at her small performance in the middle of an art display. "You said you didn't want details though" I reminded her. 

"You got straight to it, one step in the door and you're almost fucking?" it was that moment Aria lost her classiness. It took her a moment to realise what she had blurted, she flashed a sheepish smile, waiting for a reply. 

"No, but we did get to the kissing part fairly quickly" I grinned. "Tongue?" 

"You didn't want to know details though" I repeated.

"Oh shush. So you kissed and then what? Was it all awkward?" Aria said, scrunching herface up. "Did Scott try and seduce you?" Aria said, giggling at the prospect. 

"It wasn't awkward" I said. "Okay, maybe, the actual sex part was a little at the start but then..." I began. 

"Oh my god. How many times did you? I mean didn't it hurt..."

"You're full of questions, aren't you?" I questioned, smiling and biting my bottom lip a little. "Just answer the question" Aria beamed, waiting upon the answer. 

"Well, it seems you've changed your mind, you do want details" I grinned, making her wait for my answer until she finally held onto my shoulder and shook it a little. "You did it more than once, didn't you?" she grinned back. 

"Yeah" I paused, "it wasn't as awkward then."

"Wow" Aria said blinking, "my little Ally is all grown up" she added, wiping a fake tear away. 

"I'm older than you Aria" I reminded her with a smile. Aria rolled her eyes, "I'm wise beyond my years" she said, nodding proudly. 

"Obviously because mature people react like this" I said, smirking a little. Aria rolled her eyes, "what did you expect? Honestly it is like you don't know me at all." 

"So, is that all you wanted to know?" I asked. Aria shrugged, "um, how are you?" she asked. "I mean, do you feel any different?"

"Not really, the same old Ally I've always been" I laughed a little as I replied, shrugging casually. "Am I supposed to feel different?" I asked. I mean, in movies they made a big deal out of the before, during and after of sex but I didn't see the point. 

"I guess not, but do you feel more mature and stuff?" 

"I feel the same" I smiled, I couldn't take her serious with all the questions. "Did you feel different after your first time?" it was my turn to ask questions.

"I felt embarrassed" Aria said, shaking a little. I raised an eyebrow, "The guy, my ex was a virgin too. It was just awkward and yeah, not good. There were limbs everywhere" Aria explained, shuddering slightly. 

"So you didn't feel more mature after?" I asked. Aria shrugged, "not really but it was different, I was in fact younger at the time."

I nodded with a small smile on my face, "I didn't mean to bring up bad memories" I paused, "I was just returning all the questioning" I smiled a little wider. 

"I didn't mean to question either, I'm just super happy for you" Aria grinned.

"You are?" I asked curiously. Aria nodded, "yeah, duh. I am glad you trust Scott enough to do that with him" she said. "Does that make sense?" 

I nodded, "kinda." 

"It's just a big deal for you, and I am glad it was Scott because despite his puppy demeanour he is a good guy."

"Lets hope this puppy can behave and doesn't let his poor little hormones control him" I laughed. 

"You know that'll happen" Aria replied instantly, "Liam needed to be put on a leash after the first time together." 

"You didn't, did you?" I laughed. 

"No, but almost" Aria joined in with my laughter.
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