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June 12th – Daniel Humphrey, father of Tatiana Humphrey, uncle of Arielle Lambert, and New York Times bestselling author, is hosting a talk and book signing today at the local Barnes & Noble. If you’re a fan of his books (or just friends with Tatiana or Arielle and want to support them), you should head on over to the bookstore at 2 PM today to hear him speak.

"Is it wrong I find Tatiana's Dad kinda cute?" Heidi giggled to we as we took our seats at the bookstore.

 I errupted into laughter and nodded, "Yeah, kind of, especially since you're so loved up with Teddy" I nodded in his direction.

I watched as Heidi's face became blank and that small smile formed, it was at that moment I knew she had entered fairy land. I had to snap my fingers in order to gain her attention once again.

"I can look, Laurel, it's not illegal" Heidi winked at Teddy but then turned her attention to the guy we had all come to see, Dan Humphrey. "He doesn't age" she laughed, out of all the Dad's Dan still held his boy next door cuteness.

It was a shame he was devoted to Tatiana's mother.
Interesting as his talk was we needed some fresh air so after he had finished Heidi pulled me outside and lit a cig, "Thank god that's over, for a pretty man he sure talks a lot" 

A smirk grew on my face and Heidi giggled, "Did you see Teddy leave?" she asked looking around the crowd wondering if he slipped out. 

"Heidi, chill, he is just a boy!" I took the cigarette from her hands and took a deep drag before putting it out under my kitten flat, "Come on let's go see if he is inside" I rolled my eyes and linked arms with Heidi.

"Yay!" she smiled and pushed some people out the way to look for Teddy.

This made me laugh, "Wow you're a woman wrecking ball when on the hunt for your man" I gasped. 
"There he is with Mr Bass" Heidi nodded to where the two men were shaking hands.

 "Now that's one filf I would do" Heidi looked at me quizzically and I rolled my eyes again, "Father I would like to Fruck" I explained.

Heidi burst out laughing, "Laurel, you're evil, but I love you" she giggled.

 "Go get your man!" I smiled and began to already set my sight on a different target, "and you too" Heidi laughed and nodded towards Patrick.

"I have no idea what you mean" I laughed and headed in his direction.

Little did Heidi know, that it was all to annoy Delilah.

Maybe, I was evil.

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