i have alot on my mind and should be letting all my feelings out on here since i don't really talk on here so i'm just gonna say random little things that have been on my mind or going through my life...

i had a se.x dream a few nights ago, completely on accidenct...and it was with my teacher....my male, "old"(50s) married teacher. 

i have been really tired lately

i cannot seem to get a job...nobody wants me...not even walmart

i have a feeling people in my English class think i'm a lesbian only cause i did a presentation on the Trevor Project and the anonymous feedback i got said stuff like "whats your personal connection with the organization" and questions like that. i'm not gay i just am super accepting and my OTP just happens to be two men. 

i think one of my friends thinks i'm fat and should watch what i eat and take smaller bites

i'm gonna go make another set now ^.^
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