I love it- Icona Pop
This set is terribleeee but it's inspired by the amazing @daniellemalik123 Omg girl! Your sets are PERF!! This is not even close to half as beautiful as yours but I tried!! :P
Wonderful Taggies;; :) if you want to be added on taglist comment "JOHNNA ROCKS! " @longlive-17 @missherjh Your sets are flawless, you're so nice! You love unicorns and you are freaking awesome!! :D @superstarsushi You seems so nice and your sets are so cute! :) @nautical-nons3ns3 the most perfect, funniest, awesomest person ever! Channing tatum sista wifeys! Your sets are flawless toooooooo!! :) @maya-is-a-mermaid Absolutely love your sets! :) @mmeredith729 Gorgeous sets! :) @valentina-989 You're really nice and your sets are awesome! :) @callmerachelmay You're so nice, I absolutely love your sets and you are SO pretty! @gilligansarmy Omg! You are super extremely definatley completely amazingggg! You love Disney and pll just like me! You are so nice, funny and make awesome sets!! :) @sambecker @jennysgotasecret @lightning-and-death @cambeau @allmyheart22 @sapphirerose4 @valemiranda @unconventional-beauty @ocean-blue-roses @emjooo @stars-over-the-water @myfavoritecolorisshiny @michellesenior @vassiliki1 @invisible-with-eyes @juicycouture139 @daisybowen @possum-clothing @anna-lena-als @your-missing-puzzle-piece @lookhunting @mandapanda-xo @miss-cupcakes-24 @papee @biddy8063 @swaggxo @believe-in-iconic-paradise @londonnewyorkparis @laurakatherinet @brynniexoxo @yellowbirdi @midnight-hurricane @mrose73096 @figuers20 @d-andeli0n @erinhennessy @tennisgal97 @paradiiise @meli-pop @angel956360 @mcmiltay @lindseypeyton @gabrielamalik @kelly-barzi @gabbyunicorn @caitsmiles365 @ilovetoby @latoyacl @balletnbooks @princesspayne @lauralundsten @jayjj7890 @cbhamilton @stuckstillforever @madison-sawyer @sugarstar003 @paytsar @khieug @tootsierolluver @ijohanaserrato @just-being-sidney-horan @baseball-girl1 @rojonella @spq1 @keaganmiller @yourbeautiful1237 @imagination-runs-wild @commedia @my-name-is-lily @stephanie-is-a-iconic-girl @gilligansarmy @adc421 @danileavelle @h0lli @brianne-the-loving @leeahoran69 @lilmdogblue @derrickdirectioner @bellakatarina-xo
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