"I don't care what is written about me, so long as it isn't true." - Woody Allen. I agree with this quote, Kristen Stewart should take a leaf out of his book. 
My last set on Taylor Momsen was...freakin' 6 months ago. I'm not really a fan but I quite like these pictures, it’s the reason why I made this set. I think they were taken by...Madonna? Must say she's got talent in photography. I like the one on the top right, with the magenta sunglasses, it looks pretty cool. 
I do like her style, but I think she should ease up with the heavy black eyeliner, she looks quite drugged out, and the clothes she wears on stage *snicker* looks quite hooker-ish...it's like what Cherie Curie [The Runaways] wored XD. But anyways, she can wear whatever she wants, and she pulls it off very well, if I might add. Very confident, sexy and cool. 
Just...check out those Chanel condomsXD Jesus, how weird? The packet is even labelled on it "For use by trendy sl.uts." So I guess if anyone's a trendy sl.ut...haha! I'm kiddingXD. Looks quite fake though. 
Holy shit. Alex Day "let's mock Twilight like it's hot" is back :) Chapter 20-22:
This was my face when I watched that video: XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Here are some of my favourite quotes:
[James' voice] "I have your mother, come to the Ballet Studio."

"I folded the letter carefully in the envelope, eventually he would find it. And I carefully sealed away...my heart. Fucking hell. Chapter 22, lets hope it's rubbish!"

"Bella has asked Alice, how her predict-the-thing-future works and Alice just basically says "I can only see the course people are on, while they are on it. Once they change their mind the whole future shifts" What a stupid...that's not recognition! We all have that ability to predict, that's just the present! Right now I'm doing my Twilight video, so if Alice was here [Alice's voice] 'yeah man, you're doing your Twilight video' and after I finished my Twilight video, right I'm going to have some lunch now. [Alice's voice] "Ahh! you're not editing you're Twilight video, you're going to have lunch, everything's different!" What a useless power! Ahh stupid..."

As much as I love Alice, Alex does make a very good valid point! I always thought Alice's vision is quite weird with, if you change of mind, the future changes XD. Haha! 
Alex Day makes my Day. 
So I felt like giving an update of what I think about the Hunger Games, whilst I’m reading it (don't ask why). I finally read 10 whole chapters, and I knew Mellark, no…Peeta Mellark! (What a strange spelling of “Peter”) yeah that’s his name, he has a crush on Katniss. Before I was thinking, does this person...does he like Katniss or something? He’s complimenting her, saying how good of a hunter she is and giving her his coat because she gets a bit cold whilst they’re both standing on the roof...hmmm. Or maybe he’s just being nice to weaken her. But after reading chapter 9 and 10, this proves my point! It’s actually...quite sweet, he declared his undying love for her...live on air, whilst they were interviewed before the Games start. And I think this was her face: O.O and this: WTF! you idiot! XD and then she shoves him…lol. Now I’m just thinking, how is he in love with her when he only met her once...? I mean how well does he even know her? Anyhow, I love a little love story. And I like this Katniss character. She sounds really determined, quite a strong...female protagonist in this story. 
Now they’re called Star-Cross Lovers. Aw. Though...I think they both have a lot to worry about...other than love. 
And now Chapter 11, the Games finally start...exciting stuff!
I just had to share this with all of you. XD. My bad. Not sure, what I'd chitchat about next.
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