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Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle
We Were Here

{50 items exactly.....hecks yeah!!! I have to say that I always find extreme difficulties when making storyboards and I'm surprised I'm satisfied with this one.}

okay so as I said in my audition set ---> I won't be on at all today {Saturday} due to my being too busy celebrating the fact that I have made it through one more year. I've stayed up to finish this for you guys so I hope you enjoy it. I'll try and check poly throughout the day on my phone but I won't be posting anything else until Monday most likely.

Valerie Lockwood - 23
current residence - chicago, illinois
occupation - cookbook editor
relationship status - single

model - jennifer lawrence


Jason Deering - 25
If you haven't heard of the tragic tale that is Jason&Val then you've been living under a rock for the past decade or so. They started dating in middle school but had been pretty close for quite some time. They were that couple that the entire talked about as if they would be together forever. The plan was simple: graduate college, get a career, start a life together. Jason is the one that made Val really consider staying in Raleigh for the rest of her life despite ever other part of her mind telling her to leave. When Jason joined the army it shocked the entire town, not just Val. They tried the long distance thing for awhile, him in Kuwait while she attended the University of Illinois, but after six months the relationship ended. 
Liam Hemsworth

Callum 'Cal' Hartford - 27
Cal was just a random hookup, or least it started out that way. In one of Val's few moments of reckless abandon she went out with some girls from work and met Cal. Val swore it would just be the once but he kept 'randomly' showing up everywhere she went. It's been two years now and although they're not actually going out it's nice to have a date to the many useless functions her work holds. She's never mentioned him to any of the Raleigh girls and she's afraid her mischievous ways are about to become common knowledge.
Garrett Hedlund


Tami Lockwood - 45
Despite being a mediocre cook and bad at relationships Val still has the utmost respect for her mother. Left to raise a rambunctious five year old all by herself Tami found life to be hard and cruel but she still did it. She managed to afford everything a growing girl would ever need by working two jobs and even had time for a love life...quite a few love lives. Despite the plethora of men she brought around the house none of them seemed to stick.
Connie Britton

Kara Jenkins - 23
Val and Kara have been friends for what seems like forever. Their mothers met and an aerobics class of expectant mothers and their friendship continued onto their daughters. Born only two weeks apart the girls were inseparable for the first seven years of their lives before Kara's dad got stationed in Germany and was forced to move. Kara moved back to Raleigh half-way through their sophomore year and although they remained very close Kara always felt left out when Val would spend all her time with the Raleigh girls.
Lyndsy Fonseca


Straight out of college Val got a job at a small publishing company. It was fairly new business, only in it's third year, and Val had hoped to move up in the ranks pretty quickly. She started out as what was commonly known as 'the office lackey' running errands and making coffee for anybody who needed it. Six months later she was promoted to assistant to the assistant where her duties consisted of making phone calls and even more errands, just more important ones. She's been an official assistant for about a year now and it's only a matter of time before she's made editor...right? Part of her wants to stick it out and patiently wait for her well-deserved promotion but another side of her wants to quit and see what else the world has to offer her.

Valerie lives by herself in a tiny one bedroom apartment. It's located three stories above a bakery so she has easy access to all kinds of pastries at all times of the day. It's a pretty simple place, it's all she can afford at the moment, but she wouldn't live anywhere else. She shares a floor with a couple from Quebec who always talk in perfect French and a widower with OCD. She likes to spend the rare perfect days in Chicago on the roof of the building with a good book while people watching the patrons down below.


Valerie wants to be an editor, a real one, instead of the assistant for a bitter old lady who approves of cookbooks. She wants to find the next great novel and know that it may change somebody's life. For now her current occupation pays the bills, as her friends would say, but she's always known for something better.

She hasn't always wanted a family. It wasn't until Jason that she started picturing herself with kids. A little girl running down the street towards her, a bouquet of wildflowers clutched in her little hands intended for only her. A boy playing catch with his father, getting upset when he misses only to be comforted by his greatest hero. It's a future she still sees for herself although the children's features haven't changed since high school.
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