She walked ahead of me, her pace quick and urgent. The wind rushed in my ears, saying "Rush, rush..." and combined with the salty tang of the ocean, it made my mission even more important. To get to her. She knew that I knew. Her one weakness, her deepest, darkest secret. And yet, she was scared that I would tell someone. Anyone. Everyone. But why? Would I?

A violent flash of lightning appeared in the corner of my eye. I looked off to the vast sea and the rumbling clouds cloaking it. A peel of thunder rolled across the landscape as if to say, "What are you waiting for? Go now!"

I followed orders and started to move faster.


I was trying to ignore the footsteps I heard behind me. I was speed walking my way out of the situation and he was trying to drag me back into it. What had I been thinking? How could I have told him, of all people, something so secret to me. And he was one of the most popular people I'd ever come in contact with. He knew everyone. He's known for speaking before he thinks. I was foolish enough to fall for him. He "fell" for me. I was stupid enough to think that he'd keep my secret. But I don't know what had gotten into me.

A single tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. Another peal of thunder shook me and the rain started to fall. I turned for one last look and there he was, closer than a few minutes ago. I broke out in a run, my vision blurry. I didn't want to see his face.
The he called out my name. A desperate cry, taken away by the wind, "Emma!"


When she started to run, my heart left with her. I stopped and watched her leave me. The rain poured down on me, I was already soaked to the bone, my heart broken. I didn't know who to trust anymore or if I could even trust myself.
Without thinking I sprinted to my car and drove to where I knew she would go. It was a hopeless cause, but I had to try. I owed this to her and I was not going to give up that easily.


I sat down inside the cave, completely drenched and out of breath. I leaned my head against the wall and took out my diary which was hid in a crevice. I flipped through the most recent entries and was ready to write out my anger and despair. Before I could get down a word I burst into tears. I was an idiot. Meg was right, I should have never hung out with him in the first place. My life has just been sent down a spiraling path of destruction just as it always does after my happiest of days.
I heard the telltale sound of footsteps approaching my secret place. I stood up on shaky legs, ready to make an escape, but I'd misjudged the distance of the noise.

He was standing right in front of me. His blue eyes as stormy as the sky, full of pain I could tell.

"What are you doing here?" I asked between gasping breaths, trying to regain my composure though the tears kept coming.

"Because I'm not going to let you believe that I'd just leave you alone like this," he said to me quietly.

Then I got angry at him. "What if I want to be alone?" I said in a raised voice.

He just looked hurt and I immediately regretted it. He then simply wiped a tear from my red and blotchy cheek, kissed me on the forehead and silently walked out into the storm and I wondered if I'd taken this all the wrong way. I stood there in a daze for who knows how long.


Thistle & Weeds//Mumford & Sons

For Anh's story challenge. That turned out better than what I originally had in mind.

AAB: I had to make a set based on the phobia given to me~ the fear of falling in love. 

I think this turned out nicely and the story oddly enough fits I'd say.

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