Name: Ellerina Kalytskova
Age: 28, 328
Species: Witch
Occupation: Prima Ballerina for the New York Ballet, Street Gypsy
Likes: New pointe shoes, her pet bird Pteetsa, snow, castanets, british accents, snuggling under satin sheets, classical music, Swan Lake, Black Swan, horror movies, mystery novels, midnight jogs, stretching, sipping Merlot on her balcony, legwarmers, cold nights in the country, treasure hunts, fame, journaling, scrapbooking.
Dislikes: long airplane rides, rap music, clubbing, getting stuck in traffic, bombing auditions, moving to new places, her boyfriend poking around the supernatural world, being called Celery, werewolves, spells not working right, obnoxious limo drivers, Russian spies, and annoying understudies.
Bio: As the Prima of the New York Ballet, Ellerina, or Rina, is used to the pressure. The constant rehearsals, bruises and scrapes, and of course the drama, have all stopped getting to her. The only thing that Rina has to worry about is the constant scrutiny that her boyfriend Darian has her under. He keeps constant surveillance on her and her acquaintances and has a strange obsession with the paranormal and supernatural. Rina has to keep her powers and her secrets under wraps at all times, though she’s never had much of a problem with that. With all of the problems in the vampire world however, she’s debating spreading her secrets to the world. 200 years ago, she was treated like dirt. A mere performing gypsy, she was an outcast and barely surviving on a meager penny per day. On a stormy day in London, she was picked up by a Russian aristocrat and taken home to his palace. Alexander I of Russia was a kind husband, but she couldn’t stay. Rina couldn’t be his queen, no matter how much he begged, as the Russian vampires were out for her blood. They refused to have a Brit as Alexander’s bride and soon broke into the castle. Rina ran and kept running, all the way back to Britain. She soon realized that she wasn’t safe in Europe however and fled to the colonies. She settled in New York and never looked back, though the Russians are closing in on her location.
Model: Irina Funtikova
Taken by: @mathemmatics
Collection/Storyboard: PM me about this?
(please answer this in character)
1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I would go with Darian back to London to visit 221 Baker Street, the fictional home of his favorite detective and the current home of the museum dedicated to him. Then we would visit the Eye, as it wasn’t there when I lived there in the 1800’s.

2. Scenario: Today is your last day alive on earth, how do you spend it?
Well for all I know, it could be. I would spend it in the theatre, dancing. Then I would return home, make love to my boyfriend, and wait for it all to end.

3. Who is the most significant person in your life?
Is? Or was? Right now it would have to be Darian. He’s always so supportive and looks at me with nothing but love in his eyes. However, he’s nothing compared to Alexander. Alexander was the only man for me, with his caring charms and a light touch. He had faith in me and my performing and seemed to be the only person who cared about a little ole gypsy. 

4. Looking back on the last 200 years, do you have any regrets, and if so, what are they?
I regret being cowardly. I never should’ve left Alexander alone to die at the hands of the vampires. I was just too scared and since then, I’ve vowed to never be scared again.

5. Have you kept any mementos from your life 200 years ago?
I have all of the clippings from my career, along with a painting of Alexander and I. I also have an authentic jacket from the American Civil War, as Grant was one of my clients back in the day. I’ve kept a journal since I came to America, though it’s locked in my safety deposit box.

6. What has been the most daring/adventurous thing you've ever done?
I infiltrated the Confederate camp during the civil war, dressed as a tonic saleswoman, and poisoned a large portion of their infantry. When the Union chaps arrived at the camp, they were surprised to find a pile of dead gray coated men.

7. Who is the person you absolutely loath the most and why?
I loathe Drakov. I know that he was the one who sent the vampires after me, though I don’t know why. But you know us immortals, we know how to hold a grudge.

8. What's the best thing about being a witch?
As much as I want to say the powers, the best thing about being a witch is the freedom. I can do anything I want and go wherever I want to roam. I don’t have to suck the blood of humans or transform into a wolf on the full moon. I am a white witch now however, so that puts a few ethical limitations on my powers. We balance this supernatural world, don’t you forget it.

9. Name something you love and hate about these petty little humans who live in your town now, unaware of the history that happened 200 years ago.
What I love about these humans is how they worship us. They’re obsessed with the supernatural and secretly want to be us. After that whole Twilight fiasco, everyone wants their own “Edward” or “Jacob”. Little do they know that having a vampire or werewolf around would have dire consequences. These petty little humans don’t have any respect however. They can’t respect their authorities, let alone each other. Many times have I been completely ignored by someone who deems their need for a cab higher than mine, or cut in line at the nearest Starbucks. Someday they’ll all pay for their disrespect.

10. Do you truthfully fear that your secret as a witch will be revealed by these detectives who've taken a sudden interest into the mystery surrounding London 200 years ago?
Of course I do! Having an amateur detective as a boyfriend and keeping all of these secrets is extremely difficult. I have to have a constant eye out for any clues that he’s following up on and often run interference. Many of the creatures from the underworld have been saved thanks to me.

11. What is your ideal day like from sunrise to sunset?
A day off from dancing, first of all. I would rise at promptly 2 pm to breakfast in bed from Darian. We would then go out to Central Park with Pteetsa and let him meet some of his distant relatives. Then as a family we would go to our local chinese restaurant and enjoy some crispy crab rangoon. After that, we would put Pteetse down for the night and enjoy some loving of our own.

12. Explain yourself in 5 words.
Elegant, Poised, Loving, Carefree, and Secretive.

13. What did you love the most about living in 1812 and what did you hate? Also, what do you love the most about living in 2012 and, again, what do you hate?

14. Scenario: Your best friend and your true love are both in danger. You can only save one of them. Who do you save?
15. Recall and explain one interesting thing that has happened to you in the last 200 years.

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