worked so hard on this sett. pleaseee, leave it some love.:D hahaha, sorry for blank spots. this is exactly fifty items:P:D:)
*RANT* -don't define ME by MY username...♥ 

 have you noticed how DEFINED we are on polyvore by our usernames? like, seriously!! myself and others are defined as preps due to 
-extra letters
-cursive letters
"hipsters" are defined by having;
-a triangle
-just sort of different usernames
i could go on, but i choose not to. haha(: point though, is that we're so defined by one small thing. people just ignore some of us sometimes based on our usernames. it's like, you're more popular the more extra letters you use. xD i think we should give everyone a chance, no matter what their username is. take a peek at the fashion sets, the hipster sets, the preppy sets. you might surprise yourself on what you like! get out of your own little world and walk in someone else's shoes for a while....
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