Song :: I Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind ~ Spring Awakening


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Eric's POV - I Don't Do Sadness


"Eric, you should go," Melody said quietly. 

"Why? So I can feel guilty the entire time," I spat and stood up, crossing my room in a few steps.

She sighed, "If anyone should feel guilty, it's me."

I turned to reply, but she was already gone. I didn't know what was going on, but I learned not to interrupt her trances. The first and last time I tried she threw a vase at my head.

"Apologies, where were we?" Mel said, snapping back to reality.

"Nothing," I muttered and stared out the window. Melody got up and started laying out my dress robes. "What do you think you're doing?"

She glanced at me, "You're going to repay your respects. At least do it for me. I can't show my face there," at this, she looked down and fretted over which tie matched.

"Melody," I sighed and walked over to her. "I'll go, but I'm staying on the outside, away from everyone. Dress robes will not be necessary."

She nodded and sat down again. "Eric..." she began and then her eyes went unfocused again. "No," she said and then repeated it at least a dozen times, each time a little louder. 

"Mel?" I asked, worried, and put my hand to her forehead. "What are you going on about, now?"

All of a sudden, she pulled her wand out and pointed it at me. 

"Mel?!" I stood up and backed away, my hands up in self-defense. 

"Stupefy!" she yelled and I fell back, hitting my head and passing out. 


When I came to, I was sitting in a chair in the dining room of my home. Melody, Ella, Father and Bellatrix were standing in front of me. 

"Ella?" I asked, my vision dancing in front of me and I swayed to the right, but some invisible force kept me glued to the chair.

"You failed, Gabriel," Melody said, but I had to do a double take because it sounded nothing like her. I stared at her and then looked to Ella who looked like she was on the verge of hysterics, ready to bolt at any second. I tried to catch her eye, to tell her I was sorry, but she was staring intently at the floor. 

I sighed and sat back, looking to my father and Bellatrix. "What is going on?"

"Did you not hear your sister?" Bellatrix raised a brow, moving closer and I noticed a gleam of silver from her hand. She was holding a knife.

"I heard her perfectly fine," I said through gritted teeth. 

"I told you that you had two days to murder Cedric Diggory, and you did not do so. I had to clean up your mess."

"The day hadn't ended yet!" I yelled in retort, trying to cover my ass, but I knew everyone else knew that I had no intention of killing Cedric. My words had rang out and caught Ella's curiosity. She snapped her head up to look at me, fury twisting her expression into that of hate. "Ella-" I went to explain, but Bellatrix cut me off.

"Doesn't matter, you had your chance and you lost it. Now you'll reap the consequences. Melody," Bellatrix looked to her.

"Yes, Mrs. Bella," she raised her wand and yelled, "Vermillious!" 

Red light shot from her wand and the chair fell back and I landed with an 'umph.' Pain ebbed over my senses and my ears rang. 

"Another," Bellatrix said enthusiastically, taking joy in my pain.

"Deprimo!" Melody shouted and it felt like a wall of bricks crashed down upon me. The chair beneath me splintered and shattered and I fell to the floor, completely spread eagled. 

"Mel-" I said, raspy-like, my breathing coming rapidly now for I couldn't inhale properly, my ribs were being crushed. "Mel!" 

I noticed Ella was screaming from where she stood. "Melody! What are you doing? He's your brother! Stop it!" 

Bellatrix cackled. I couldn't see my father. For that, I was thankful. I couldn't look at him. How could he allow this to happen to me?

"Enough, enough," Bellatrix patted Melody's arm down and the wall fell away. I took a deep breath and nearly choked. Rolling over, I coughed until my airways were clear.

"Melody, please," I gasped. 

She blinked, her eyes focusing for a moment and then she was gone again.

"Melody!" I screamed.

"Melody, Melody, Melody," Bellatrix mocked me. She tilted her head back and cackled again. "Can't hear you, now can she?" She grinned wickedly. She went over to my sister and put her face by Melody's. "Melody, dear, can you tell you brother that he is a fool?"

"Gabriel, you're a fool," she repeated robotically.

My spirit fell, "Mel, c'mon, it's me."

"Oh, stop your whimpering. Such a weakling, you are," Bellatrix snapped, clearly annoyed.

"Can I just ask why am I here?" Ella interjected with a raised hand.

My eyes flitted to her and I shook my head. Bellatrix rounded on her. "Oh, I haven't even gotten to you, have I?"

Suddenly Melody cried out, "Oh Merlin, what have I done?" I looked at her and she was holding her head. "Eric, I'm so sorry!" She ran towards me and then fell with a thud.

"Melody!" I shouted out, leaping up. 

"Not you, too," Bellatrix snipped. "Why can't anything go as planned?!" She asked rhetorically. 

I glared at her, "What did you do to my sister?"

"Relax, she will wake soon enough with a headache and a flood of memories to sort out," she chagrined. 

I sighed and smoothed back Melody's hair.

"Now, to you," I looked up and Bellatrix had turned to Ella. "You follow me," and she walked out.

I locked eyes with Ella and she jutted out her chin defiantly, turning on her heel and walking out. 

"Well, then," my father sighed.

"Oh, don't even!" I yelled at him.

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