Good Wednesday, everyone. I can't believe it's been six days since my last set! I don't know what I've been doing. Gah. 

Here's Bijoux again. I've gotta get going on WGW. I have such a long story in the works.

FRIDAY: Welcome to New York! The girls are moving into the Top Model house today. Get acquainted with your rooms and the girls you’ll be sharing them with for however long you’re in this competition for. You’ll also be meeting your judges today at Buddakan. Dress nicely and behave – you’ll want to impress them.
SATURDAY: For those who have never been to the city before, this is your chance to take it all in as you cruise around Manhattan on a private boat. Afterwards, you’ll see it from the inside on your own open-top bus tour.
MONDAY: Meet Mr Jay on the High Line today for an all-important posing lesson that you won’t want to miss. You’ll be using this later in your photoshoot, so make sure you pay attention.
TUESDAY: Dinner at the Gramercy Tavern. Behave!

What up my niggahz! [oh, wait, can I say that? Hmm. Whatev.] I am writting to you from here in New York. It’s been a ridonkulous week, holyshitmypants. When we got off the bus from the aiport the jays popped out of no where and were all “HEY GURRLZ blahblahblah something and this is your house! And we look up and see it’s this amazing penthouse and we all squeal and rush inside-I dunno even know who grabbed the key and we run aound screaming for a while and some of the girls are like humping the giant pictures of Tyra? Which was weird, but damn does she love herself too much and then there was all these other pictures of contestants and that was cool. Anyway, once I was done running around the house singing Ke$ha [shutup, I was excited], I found my bed because it had my name on it and it was in these little pods of bunkbeds which seemed pretty dag. Elodie came in around the same time so I run over and hug her even though I’ve only said like three words to her, but THEN, I see in the bunk above mine a horrible horrible name.
Stoptheshit. Collette. Is on top of me.
NOO, that sounds bad. And anyway, she came in with like sixty nine suitcases and was all complaining about how lousy the service was here or something. She sees me and says, “Would you mind getting that for me?” and points to the suitcase behind her. So I laugh and sing, “THE PARTY DON’T STOP TIL I WALK IN!” again and skip out the room to see what all the other girls were up to. Hung out with Holly after that--she does not stop being cute fyi! Lolz.
So basically that’s all we do Friday, run around screaming and unpacking and dancing, and ok, we class it up a bit to meet the judges. So that was cool. I guess. I don’t think I wore the right outfit. Erm. Cus I didn’t change. And wore my unicorn sweater. And 3-D glasses with the lenses popped out. I thought I was cute, but, eh, whatever. It’s sucks because I couldn’t sneak a drink because the camera guys are always lurking around and I’m 18 and this is still America. Ohmygod, I hope we go to Amsterdam or somewhere because I can totally drink in Amsterdam. I hope I make it there. So I met this guy who has his own line and he was totally gay but /he/ liked my unicorn sweater and so me and the asain girl [ohmygod, what is her name!] started dancing with him and next thing I know I’m on a table and Anna is giving me this disapproving look and whispering to um, the california surfer babe chick and I’m like LIGHTEN UP, M’kay. But then I thought maybe that’s not what the judges are looking for? Whoops. But it was fun.
And then we were on a boat and that was cool I guess to see the city and shit. Meeeeeh. It looks like it does on TV. And I had to behave. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ON A BOAT Y’ALL.
And theeeeen, we did this posing lesson, and not gonna lie, I feel like a natural. I mean, Jay gave me some critique, but mostly he was all ‘Work those angles” etcertera, and I worked it--like, I did like I do when I’m dancing, but then froze, and then BAM. Insta-pose. Myspace pictures pay off, yo. Let’s just hope they pay off at the real shoot. AGH, so excited about that.
Soooo, then after the lesson and stuff we found out Dylan had cracked and bailed and this new girl came in out of no where--I sort of vaguely remembered her from auditions. And her name’s Flo, and that’s pretty tight, and she’s right of the bat just like drawn to me, but can ya blame her? No way.
We went to a Tavern on Tuesday! Wicked. But again with the NO ALCOHOL. I am so going to die. I haven’t really partied enough. So I ate, and found a song on the jukebox thing they had there and just started singing and then Holly did some country song and before long other people were digging it and I’m all, what-up! I start trends. It’s what I do. I wonder if that’s a job. IT TOTALLY SHOULD BE.
After the Tavern new girl Flo and I decided we should start drinking excessive amounts of engergy drinks--she got this weird hippie natural one and I got something that came in a pink can and so when we got back to the house we started running all over the place and doing impomptu dress up, and meanwhile someone’s getting all up in someone else’s face, and so Holly, Flo, and I were all forget this, and I grabbed Justine and was like TAKE PICTURES OF US IN THE BATHTUB. So I put on my Indian head dress and did this awesome hair and make-up for me and my girlz and then we had a bathtub photoshoot, and it rocked. Actually, I got a little too comfortable in there and fell asleep. Next thing I know it’s wednesday morning and Collete turns on the cold water and I wake up and I’m fucking DRENCHED. I could’ve killed her. But I was too caffeine hung over and I had to pee really really bad, so I just stood up, took off my pants cus they were wet, and left them there, and walked out of the room without saying anything. THIS HOUSE IS NUTZ.
Alright. Gotta go practice for the shoot. Catchya later.
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