^ I should just go into parody writing.

the new girl in town ; brittany snow (I love this son so much, it’s one of my guilty pleasures)

Ally McBeal is kind of killing me right now (and no, I am actually a teenager)

I will definitively be finishing this soon. Although tomorrow and Saturday are going to be hectic…anyways…I’ll probably change a lot of the stuff I already have down for Mara…

Playlist; coming.

What I’m thinking for her:
- New girl, awkward stuffs.
- Falls for an older dude, shapeshifts so that she can hang with him (might make her older if I end up doing this but it wont be all Lolita, except her mind will be sixteen…so I guess that still counts…dammit) (but I’ll probably have a specific model she always returns to like Kirsten dunst or lea seydoux, anyone have any suggestions? Kind of similar looks but older or just, well, older)
- New girl depression (hence, the grey set)

Birthday: December 31st, Capricorn
Power: shapeshifting (includes minimalistic changes such as eye-color and skin tone)
Likes: max howards (her future love interest, whether he be adult or teenager), adults, bicycling, slow dancing (dancing in general), romance, singing, tea, black coffee, honey, water, swimming, diving, fashion design.
Dislikes: make-up, islands, boats, 
Poison: drink or drug of choice
Music Taste: Al Green, Gorillaz, Johnny Cash, Django Rheinhardt (?), Charlotte Gainsbourg, Serge Gainsbourg, The Drums, The Strokes, Django Django, Peter, Bjorn & John, Bibio, Kimya Dawson, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Clash, lot’s o’ fifties tunes.
Personality: For such an un-organized mind, Mara truly is mature (she’s suffered through a lot of dinner parties hosted by her parents). However, her maturity comes off as a kind of deadpan, ‘I don’t care about you or your stupid cat’, ego trip which often has people complaining. She has some severe emotional attachment issues but it isn’t like she suffered any trauma as a child, she just takes some of her relationships more seriously then she should. She’s the friend of a friend, that kid who always went to parties because her sister was there, just, minus the sibling. (I am ashamed of this personality explanation and I assure she CAN laugh). Other then a bit of sarcasm she typically keeps to herself, the ‘silent’ type seems to do her justice, and someone always ends up having a chat with her, so her work is easy.

Bio: “I’m an American. I’m from America” is something you’ll hear a lot coming from Margot. As if her lack of any sort of accent and
Clark Hirsch (Colin Firth) : (Failed) Writer
Marion Hirsch (Nicole Kidman) : Accountant

Biggest Secret: I guess it could be the whole ‘I’m actually using my shapeshifting to become an older woman bit’ but that seems to easy and I might not do it.
Model: Mia Wasikowska (and whoever elses face she decides to steal)
Collection: coming.
Taken by: @anahelenaliveshere
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