"well, nothing is real," 
is that what you say? 
well everything's fake 
so you're running away, 
cos you're so cool

❤️ lyrics from "you're so cool, i'm so freaky" by kate nash ❤️

i was tagged by @honestytonic, thank you!!! :)

1. The meaning behind my blog (your poly blog)?
its really just clothes, pictures, things i like/love/would like to wear/wish i could pull off/etc.
2. Weakness?
(like attraction? okay) boys - pretty, deep voice, nice arms and legs, muscles, strong jawlines, light eyes, nice hands // girls - nice legs, dark hair, light eyes, curves, nice hands, cute laugh, nice lips // other - folky music, chocolate, cute animals, pink, music, books and poetry, Louis Tomlinson
3. Why I love my bestfriend?
she is literally the best person in the world, we can always have a laugh or confess things or talk about boys/girls, she is SO beautiful, plus she has great taste in music and boys
4. Last time I cried and why?
last night watching Deathly Hallows part 2

5. Piercings I have?
one on each earlobe, but i wish i had more
6. Favorite band?
at this moment The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, DIIV, Tame Impala, and Vampire Weekend
7. Biggest turn off(s)?
being sexist/homophobic/racist/discriminatory in any way, chewing with your mouth open, not being clean or not taking care of yourself

8. Top 5 Places You Want To Go?
london, nyc, my crush's bed, iceland, somewhere i can see the stars
9. Tattoos I want?
something that is symbolic in my life, small and hidden, song lyrics or an image
10. Biggest turn ons?
muscles (boys), curves and nice legs (girls), nice lips, confidence, good taste in music, lip licking
11. Age?
12. Ideas of a perfect date?
walking around or eating and talking, picnic at a park, looking at art, a carnival, movie night
13. Life goal(s)?
finding love, being happy, being accepting of who i am, being confident, travelling the world
14. Piercings I want?
one more on each ear, or a nose one
15. Relationship status?
im a single pringle and im ready to mingle!! (i am actually lonely and desperate but i am v loving and cuddly so please date me)
16. Favorite movie?
i cant pick one so: Edward Scissorhands, Amadeus, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Dead Poets Society, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Forrest Gump
17. A fact about my life?
i have been in the same school since kindergarten
18. Phobia?
too many - fear of being alone, not being good enough, failing, wasting my life, never being loved, dying young, etc.
19. Middle name?
20. Tattoos I have?
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