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I can't make you mine.

Song :: Addicted ~ Simple Plan


Melody POV


The last few days have been somewhat of a rollercoaster. I snogged three different boys and none of them being the one I really fancied. Before you go calling me a s.lut, two of those times was due to a game of spin the bottle, so bleh. Though, I have to admit, Anthony and Kade were really, /really/ good kissers. Manny is, too.. I'm such a hoe. Then I've barely said two words to Theo and I feel like a prat for not even acknowleding him.. Yeah, that's a way to show you like someone, ignore them. Bah, someone just shoot me.

Then there's Ella... I swear she's going to give me ulcers before I'm out of Hogwarts. Let's just say Cedric didn't take her sleeping with Kade too lightly. Then Draco is being a twat about it all, but eh, what's new? I just hope she's okay.
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