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Genevieve Boucher, 17
Likes: men, power, vodka, ballet, parties, pink, your boyfriend, lace, sex, chanel
Dislikes: weakness, flats, monogamy, her mother, 
Model: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Bio: Genevieve, Genevieve, Genevieve. How many boys have screamed that name, the world may never know. She’s a skank and a brat, daddy’s little girl in the flesh. Genevieve was born in France to a French politician and when she visited D.C. with her father, she begged to stay. Why you ask? Genevieve lacked powerful men in her countryside school, so Washington was the place to be. She doesn’t have many girl friends, mainly hanging around guys, but for all the wrong reasons. Genevieve is a great dancer and could be very talented if she focused more. She’s actually sweet but it’s always verging on the fake and sarcastic. Genevieve’s true personality is a mystery and will remain a mystery until she finally learns to control herself. 
taken by: open
There are two sides of partying. 
The in the moment rush were nothing matters except alcohol, hot boys, and a line of good cocaine.
Then you get the morning after.
Hangovers must be dealt with.
The “walk of shame” must be walked. 
I, Genevieve Boucher, have become a living testament to how to the handle the two sides of partying. 
With a grace of a ballerina, I control both situations flawlessly.
My gaze immediately fell on the guy I slept with last night.
His arm was around me. 
The sons of senators have these things about affection. em’ once and the next morning their arms will be all over you. 
If you’re into the romantic bullsh.t after se.x then date an senator’s son. 
I must admit no matter how much I hated the affection, I loved his looks.
I slowly raised his hand from around me.
This roused him awake. 
A cool charming smile spread across his face. 
“Bonjour.” I purred.
Without missing a beat he replied in French with a hint of his Southern accent.
“Je veux te baiser en ce moment.” {I want to you right now}
“peut-être une autre nuit.” {Another night maybe}
I got up to get redressed. 
First I put on my bra and underwear, and then began the daunting task of putting on my tight leather pants. 
I began to shimmy way into them. 
He sat up in bed and watched my little show.
He looked on while drinking out of a bottle of vodka.
I reached down on the floor and grabbed my Louis Vuitton clutch.
He got up and slipped on a pair of jeans.
We walked to the front door of his apartment.
His hands slipped around my waist and he pulled me into him.
My ass was his hands final resting place. 
“For a ballerina you have nice little tight ass.” 
 “You always know how to charm a girl, maybe that’s why I am still f.cking with you.” 
“You know it honey.” He said in his oh so charming Southern accent.
I walked out the door.
And got on the elevator.
Now it’s time to prepare for another night under the D.C. lights. 

1. Genevieve
2. Genevieve

I think I should get this part, because I believe I can develop this character very well . Genevieve is the only character I really want. On the outisde she is a slutty bi.tch, but Genevieve's bio leaves a lot to develop about her true personality. Playing a bad girl on the outside with a semi-good girl interior always seem to be the best roleplay characters to me.
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