Wow, it's been a while. Life has been so crazy. And full and happy and difficult in one. I like this craziness, this challenge, but I'm so thankful to have a week off and recover. 
I hope that I'm doing a good job. Because I feel like I'm living selfishly right now. I have to get everything done for me and then I budget my time after that for others, but what works for me. I hope I'm not being a bad friend or sister or daughter. 
Uhh, yeah.
I've been writing a lot of poetry and daydreaming about... people? someone? errr... this needs to stop. But it's nice to be occupied for a while. This is one of around 6 poems I wrote at about 1 am last night:

two months fly past
it's the calendar tornado 
tearing and ripping pages
through these golden days

days of friends and work
and your car's heater won't start
but you have plans tonight
and that boy smiles right back

uncertainty's high
but your hair is long
and you can still rebel
with music too loud

some days you cry
& most days you laugh
and all are rushing by
but I am still thankful for the time
to love and let fear die.

XO Jackie
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