sept 20 Everyone visit Jaymee in the hospital after getting her stomach pumped
Mallorie was one of the last to arrive, she held a globe vase in both hands, letting Cameron open the door for her. Fingers were still bandaged but she was smiling a bit as she set the flowers next to the blue roses.

Jaymee opened her eyes, "Hey Mal.. Cameron" She nodded.

"Are you ok, Jaymee?" Mallorie asked as she sat on the bed, taking one of Jay's hands in her's.

"I feel weak and a bit sick still.."

"Yea.. I bet." She glanced over her shoulder, "Cam.. I'll be out in a sec.. Go get the car, babe?" She smiled when he nodded and slipped out of the room. Turning her attention back to Jaymee, "I left early.. I'm so sorry, Jay."

She seen the look in the other girl's eyes but the blonde nodded, "It's ok.. I'll be fine. Just watch out for yourself. That person is still out there."

"I have Cam to protect me. Just get better. We love you, Miss Prez." She smirked, leaning in to give her a hug before going to stand. "I'll see you soon. I promise." Waving to her as she walked out.
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