Big Apple Interns.
Coffee with Jade, Rockefeller Tree. Dec. 2nd.

"Hey, where've you been?" Jade looked up at me from the table where her phone was delicately placed, next to a couple of recycled napkins and a tall coffee. Her hand moved swiftly to grip the cup, it's warmth still seeming as the steam rose from the top.

"Hi Jade, am I late?" I hurriedly pushed up my sleeve, checking the time as I fumbled to adjust the watch on my wrist.

"Geesh, Lily, I'm joking." She smiled. "You're perfectly on time."

I smiled back, taking a seat across from her. "Do you need a coffee?" She asked, gesturing at the space in front me. I got up again quickly to order myself a small hot chocolate, embracing the hot cup between my hands as I walked back.

"How are you?" I asked, sitting back down. I lifted my face to the warm cup, closing my eyes to take in the heat.

"Exhausted," she replied, rolling her eyes. "Work."

"Rough day?"


I nodded apologetically, understanding what she meant. After that the conversation came naturally, and we talked for the longest time before realizing we'd be late. Collecting our things, we rushed out of the coffeeshop, Jade practically running in front of me before I told her to slow down.

"At least speed walk," she said, giggling. "Come on! It's almost Christmas."

* * *

The two of us arrived at the plaza in a few minutes, managing to push through the throng of people gathered in the streets. The sky had already grown darker, and the crowd moved quietly, hushed in excitement as they waited for the lights to go up. It didn't take long to find the rest of the girls, and we settled in among them, people cheering as the decorations finally came on.

I suddenly felt two arms wrapped around my stomach, Luke's voice behind me. 

"Hey, Lily," he whispered, his warm breath visible as the words escaped his lips. He pulled me in closer as he lowered his chin next to mine, and I could feel his cheekbones as they shifted into a smile. "Sorry I'm late."

The butterflies inside me soared as I turned to hug him properly, linking my elbows around his neck as I stood on my toes. "I'm glad you're here," I said, happily taking his hand but still looking into his eyes. "You finally get to meet everyone."

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