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♔October 1: (no event yet, so this will just be a random story about the stirring drama between Pandora and Nadine!)

I squinted through the lens, the sun blinding me from the side, making it nearly impossible for me to get a good shot.

But of course my subject was not hard to work with.

"What exactly do you want me to do?" Zane asked with a smile playing on his lips. "I'm not much of a model, you know."

"Oh, don't be so modest. Hasn't anyone ever told you before that you're hot?" I smirked, aiming the lens at his perfect wandering eyes. He couldn't tell, but I was so taking shots of his pretty face, not exactly taking shots that counted for our "hands and feet" photography assignment. 

Zane shrugged, arching his back. "I dunno." He said it after a moment's pause, so I figured it had to do with Nadine.

"Here, lemme take some," Zane reached for the camera and I took the strap from around my neck, laying it into his manly palm. 

"This is what I like about photography," Zane said as he snapped a picture of me with my eyes bugged out. "It's never really perfect."

"Unless you're Plastic," I answered rather loudly, because at just that moment, Nadine came out of the little shop behind us, carrying a huge bag of most likely tacky designer clothing. Zane awkwardly dropped the camera to his chest, biting his lip. Okay, so now he was playing the awkward ex card? He certainly wasn't the other day.

But as Nadine started walking toward us, she was joined by David, who was lagging along behind her. She gave me a confident, b*tchy grin.

"Oh, Panda, what a coincidence," she said, making it clear that this was, in fact, not a coincidence. She glanced dismissively at Zane. "Zane..."

"Nads," Zane nodded. He saw David with her than and coughed.

"Shopping to your heart's content?" I sneered, purposefully nudging her bags with my knee. 

"Yeah, David and I are having a grand old time," Nadine said sharply, eyeing Zane and I. "What are you two doing, hanging outside shops like freaking loners?"

"You wouldn't even understand," I said, sighing dramatically. "It's not on your level of intelligence."

"Uh, right. My IQ isn't anywhere near dork-teen." Nadine smiled, letting out a victorious giggle. 

I smiled back. "Oh, right. Since you're so Plastic, your IQ isn't a real number. It's probably like so low, even Heidi Montag got higher than you."

Nadine scoffed. "Come on, David," she snapped.

"Nice chatting with you," I called after her. She quickened her pace, disappearing into another boutique with David at her heels.

"What is up with you and her?" Zane asked, looking at me with a puzzled expression.

"The better question is why you ever were with someone like her," I told him. 

There was an awkward pause and then Zane said, "hey, give me some foot." 

I laughed, sticking out my wedged-boot-clad foot. "Oooh, so sexy, right?"


So maybe Nadine was a Plastic who thought she had good comebacks and who thought she was perfectly fine with some random guy like David.

But I had Zane, and that was who she really wanted.

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So chic!

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congrats dear

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love it dear !

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such an elegant look!

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Congrats on Top Sets!

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congrats on top sets, dear!!!

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amazing! congrats on top sets!!!

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Congrats on Top Sets!

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Amazing !!! congrats !!!

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wowww, dear... incredibly beautiful and stylish.. fabulous!!!

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Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
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Your sets never fail to impress :)

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Ugh, all American's think they're so intelligent.

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What an amazing look, I love the dress!

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go panda ;) xo soph

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Such a refined and elegant look! That bag is really gorgeous here!

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