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"Smother" by Daughter

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! This has literally been the week from hell for me. I've been getting about 5 hours of sleep every night since Sunday and Wednesday night, I spent more time in the library than I did in my own freaking room....
We had our presentations for our business pitch competition, remember when I was talking about that coffee shop idea near campus? So we presented in front of this panel of actual business executives, so it was almost like Shark Tank! My friends Jason and Brian did the talking thankfully because I was SO intimidated! Business isn't really my thing, I would much rather do all the behind-the-scenes work! We didn't win, we were probably in last place haha, but it was a great experience. We could've done more work though.....

I saw The Neighbourhood last weekend! It was a pretty good concert, first time I've ever experienced a real mosh pit and it was SCARY! All of a sudden, all of the people in the back surged forward and I was literally lifted off the ground because the force was that great. And then for about 20-30 minutes in between the opening act The Neighbourhood, we were all so close that you couldn't even move your arms. You couldn't breathe, couldn't turn around, and people were constantly pushing you. It was definitely an experience but I don't think it's one that I'll want to experience anytime soon haha

I also saw Divergent on Friday!! It was really good!! I went with two friends and my one friend James read the books. I asked him what he thought of it from the perspective of someone who's read the books and he was SO upset because it deviated from the book so much. I guess they cut out characters and certain things happened way differently than what was in the book, but he said that if you haven't read the books, it was a great movie haha. But Shailene Woodley was perfect and omg I was dying through the WHOLE movie until she finally kissed Four!! That scene was so perfect that I wanted to kiss somebody lol. And I thought it was really cool that they put actual songs in the movie instead of just thematic score. Banks was in there! I freaked out when I heard Waiting Game :D And also, it was funny because they showed a preview for The Fault in Our Stars and the guy who plays Augustus Waters played Tris's brother in Divergent! I had no idea! So I had a bit of a double-take, but they must've been filming both those movies at the same time! Anyhoo, I was very impressed and I recommend it :D 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Hugs ♥♥♥
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