skeletons // this century.

this set is mainly for @kennedybrock's benefit okay.

so wednesday was the best day of my life, forreal. i had an amazing day at school- so many people said happy birthday to me, and i got some really cute gifts. my friend kirsten and i are having a joint birthday meal next saturday and i'm getting even more presents then so wew n_n yeah everyone was super nice, most of my lessons were a doss and my friends and i had birthday cake at lunch. it was embarassing because they started singing happy birthday to me super loud and the whole common room joined in, including some people i know from the year above. it was really nice though, all the same c:

after school me and ella got a lift from her mum, and we went to my house where we got ready for the maine and i skyped briefly with my boyfriend C:

the only poopy part of the day was when we got there, i asked to be let in for the meet & greet, only they said it was too late. i was super upset, but it was okay in the end (you'll find out why). so we queued and my family were nice enough to drop off some mcdonalds for me and ella. we made friends with the girls in front of us (who did manage to get into the meet & greet) and we all fangirled together. the people behind me were annoying as pewp though, they were talking obnoxiously loud about stupid things and thought they were hardcore cos they were smoking weed. lol ok. AND THEN SEAN SILVERMAN CAME AND STAMPED US WITH HIS THIS CENTURY STAMP. i still have mine on my wrist because i tried to avoid scrubbing that area in the shower, but it's quite faint now :(

ah ah ah and then joel came out and talked to everyone in the queue, I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM. he's so sweet and perfect and hot and gah i fangirled. he took a picture with us and signed our tickets, lol in our photo i was like 'i feel so small' and so he crouched down and did a charlie's angels pose omg i died. i love him so so much.

after what seemed like a century (lolzzzz i'm so funny) we were let in, and i immediately pounced to the merch table and got a bracelet. orginally i got the 'good love will find me' one but i then swapped it for the 'run free and carry on' :3 when we went to the stage we were about 7 people back, which was fine because we knew we'd have the chance to shove forward when the show started tehe.

so arkells came on and they were fab. i always feel super sorry for the opening acts because the audience weren't really that bothered about them. everyone around me was like lol wut cos i was jumping around and mouthing the lyrics, but idec i love them. i was so happy that they played whistleblower, kiss cam and on paper, they're my favourites.

this century were soooooo good. honestly i wanted to cry, i love joel so much and his voice is so perfect. he kept saying about how he loved london, and practically killed us all cos he told us to take two steps forward, 'we don't bite'. there was a massive surge in the crowd but me and ella ended up in like the 5th row, which was better because we got away from a really irritating couple in front of us. annoying pda like whoa. 

OMG WHEN THE MAINE CAME ON. kennedy was standing right in front of us and ella fangirled so hard (he's her hubby ok). we were in like the 3rd row by now, SOMEHOW, and had such a good view. some twat had a fucking lighter and i was like yo betch get away from my hair. haha no but it was so good, i don't really know what else to say because i was expecting them to put on a great show, the maine never fail to impress. c: at one point i screamed 'KENNEDYYYYYYYY' while he was tuning his guitar and he looked up and smiled at me, i died omg. and ella claimed he kept looking and smiling at her, and also that pat smiled at her. oh jeez everytime garrett came towards our side of the stage i was almost in tears, he is a beautiful man and DKFDSLFSFDSF.

so after the show we went outside (we saw this girl wearing like 7 inch heels that were studded, what a dumbass) and joel was outside!!!! we managed to talk to him and honestly, he is so lovely. he signed my poster and wrote 'happy birthday karen!', because he's a babe.

after a few bottles of water because we were dangerously dehydrated, the maine came out and aaah. we went to garrett first, who was so sweet. i got two pictures with him (as seen in the set) and he was so nice, he wrote 'yo it's your bday!' on my poster and i actually laughed so hard at that. he's too hipster for a simple happy birthday message, duh~

kennedy was sooooooo sweet, ella fangirled big time when he signed her phone. omg he almost poked his sharpie in my eye and he was like 'i'm sorry i did not mean to do that!!', like proper worried, he is really cute okay. ella was in love with his shirt because it had leopards on it.

pat was lovely, as always. some girl dropped her piece of paper with everyone's signature on it, and he was genuinely upset for her and gave her a huge hug, SUCH A CUTIE OKAY. anyone who says the maine don't care for their fans, you're really wrong. aw he was so nice, and his birthday message, omg. 'yes your older!' 

then we went ove to jared, who is so so so sooooooo nice, i'd never gotten a photo with him before so i was really stoked. i love his beard more than most things, okay. he asked us how we were and was just so lovely, it's so strange meeting the people that make incredible music which at one point, saved your life.

we managed to kind of meet john, but there were some really annoying girls who would not move. like when you meet a celeb, you'd get your sh/it signed and photos taken etc. and then move out of the way, right? wrong, they just stood there and surrounded john so no one else could go up to him, which was seriously selfish in my opinion. but in the end i managed to kinda pass the poster to him and yell 'hi it's my birthday can you write me a message please', which he did, and he was so so so nice aw, he said 'happy birthday sweetheart' :3 it sucked a bit that we didn't get a photo but his sweetness made up for it, seriously.

honestly, that was the best birthday ever. i had the most incredible evening and everything turned out so perfect, it couldn't have been better timed. i am so grateful for my family for taking me and everything, they rock big time. and it was so amazing that i got to spend it with my best friend, our friendship was a bit iffy a few weeks ago but i think the concert has definitely made us way closer. i've been trying to shake off the inevitable post concert depression, and i was extremely tired at school the next day. i've never really had many headaches but the one i had that morning was a killer. 

but anyway i am so happy that it all happened the way it did. this century and arkells are two of my favourite bands, and i can't even begin to explain how much the maine to me, seriously i don't think there would have been a more perfect way for me to turn 17. 

if you read all of this, you rule. \m/

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