Name: Lady Drizella Tremaine 
Character: Drizella 
Age: 18
Enemy: Lady Anastasia Tremaine 
Love: Duke Viktor{portrayed by Henry Cavill
Model: Hilary Rhoda

Bio: Drizella was the technical second oldest in the Tremaine hom, although her twin Anastasia would say something different. Anastasia and Drizella became fast enemies in their early teenage years as Anastasia always thwarted Drizella's love life...
The day Anastasia married a baker was the happiest day of Drizella's life. The second was when Duke Viktor proposed. Drizella is holding out for a long engagement so that Delilah can be comfortable when all the sisters are gone.

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1.Morganna La frey

Everything was pleasant in the Tremaine household, it was an early morning and everyone was sleeping in a little but later than usual because one day of the week they made it a day of relaxation until about ten o'clock but that was enough time for them except Elena but she was married now to some rich knight or something but Delilah said it wouldn't last long for Elena was a lazy girl and knights wanted someone who could look after them and Elena was not the right girl.

Drizella finally opened her dreamy haze infused eyes,she sat up straight as she heard her eldest and most trust worthy sister Delilah scuffle around in the kitchen to prepare their breakfast for the guests,they had an estate where many travelers spent the night but after their parents tragic death it went downhill but with their hard work,sweat and sleepless nights they kept this one of the best estates in Andalasia. 

An alarming knock on the door, knocked Drizella out of her half slumber and she sprung up whilst she grabbed the white robe from the dingy coat rack and rushed down the many flights of stairs that led to the front door,the only person that could possibly visit them on this day was the person she most loved,but alas she was in for a surprise for it wasn't the person she most adored but the one she most feared. 

Anastasia stood there on the porch in a purple button up gown,her hair still had curlers in and the make up kept smearing down her pug shaped face, she was surrounded by expensive trunks and an annoying tea cup dog kept nipping at her toes, Drizella knew this was the end for her.

" That BASTARD left ME, Me, look at me, I'm a jewel and he left me because I might have flirted with this brother ", Anastasia wept dramatically.

" Flirted? ", a stunned Drizella asked picking up the humongous trunk and tried to drag it inside as the dog kept yapping beside her in a high picthed bark.

" Flirted,kissed and you know...", Anastasia said as if it didn't matter.

"It's private business,ok, the man was weasel, he should be escorted to weasleton! ", Anastasia yelled as she flung her skinny arms above her head and kicked one of the trunks with the heel of her highly expensive laced court boots.

Delilah heard the commotion from downstairs,her guests were highly disgusted but she assured them that it was some rowdy teenage girl selling flowers who didn't get enough pay. She quickly sauntered to the front door with her up most composition,her beautiful face was worn out from her tiring days of work but she didn't care, as long as her parents estate was successful she was happy.

"Ana is having a fit, I can't believe she's back" , Drizella moaned as she helped Delilah carry the bags back to Anastasia's old room. 

Drizella shook her head as she enetered her own room,she decided to take a bath and get ready for Viktor's arrival for he would ask Delilah If he may marry Drizella since she had no parents, she was so excited this was her life changing moment but her fraternal evil twin could ruin everything as soon as she lays her eyes on the charming Viktor but this time Drizella won't let her sister get her way. 

As Drizella strutted down the stairs, she beamed from head to toe,dressed in a elegant green dress she had sewn herself with delicate material that flattered every single body part and her dark mane of hair was curled to perfection and Delilah lent her a special handmade golden leaf garland that made her eyes dazzle in the right lighting. Viktor stood in the entrance,his breath was taken away by this beauty but it was soon interrupted by a loud mouthed red head in a purple poof dress with more ribbons than her personality. 

" So lovely to meet you DUKE, this is a pleasant surprise ", Anastasia gushed as she batted her lashed and puckered her bright pink lips and dragged Viktor inside.

" I'm actually here to ask Delilah for Drizella's hand ",he said escaping from Anastasia tight sweaty grip and walked over to Drizella,she knew this her one true love that Anastasia coulcn't take 

or so she thought, Anastasia is part of the grimm cult and once you're part of the Grimm cult,you get what you want.


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