Alana Ridges, 
Collab with the flawless @chrissykinz

☆ Saturday : 
Third Challenge - The VSFS is less than a week away, so all of the girls are heading down to the VS studio to try some test outfits on for the show! We're also getting interviewed by some press while we're there, so expect cameras!
"Does my butt look big in this?" Yasmine asked as a couple of women stood around us to reassure that our outfits were correctly measured and no misfortunate clothing malfunction will occur. I glanced over at her and raised an eyebrow, hoping that she was kidding but judging from her expression, she wasn't. 

"Seriously, Lana, does it?" Yaz continued asking, frowning as she attempted to look at her own butt. "If only your boyfriend was here to tell you look it's fabulous" I replied, shaking my head with a smile plastered on my face. 

"But he's bias" Yaz reminded me, pointing her index finger at me. "You don't think it looks fat though? No junk in the trunk?" she continued until I errupted into laughter, which the women assisting us didn't like. "Stop moving please, Alana" one spoke, as I quickly forced myself to stop laughing. 

"No junk in the trunk, your butt looks fine" I replied, a wide smile forming on my lips. "Does my butt look half decent in this?" it was my turn to question as the lady left for a moment, allowing me to twirl for Yaz. 

"Dayum" she exclaimed, drawing attention to ourselves. "My personality is rubbing off on you" I grinned; I must have become a major influence lately with Yasmine's cute and random outbursts.

Yaz shrugged, "It must be" she said with a small grin on her lips. 

"I think my last outfit looked better" Yasmine commented. I shrugged, "They all look good, I'm not picky." 

"Of course you aren't." 

"What's that supposed to mean?" I fake whined, pouting as if she had offended me. "You look good in everything, of course you're not fussy" Yasmine added, adjusting the strap of her bra.

"You lie!" I exclaimed jokingly, laughing before being hushed by another woman nearby who was measuring a couple of the other girls. "It's like these women are allergic to happiness and fun" I whispered to Yasmine who nodded instantly.

"Maybe we should be more serious?" Yasmine offered causing me to snort.

"Yeah, that isn't happening babe." 

"I should have known that."

1. Why do you love the fittings/what do you love about them? 
Alana adores fittings though she's usually on the other side of the scene and not particularly the model. She loves seeing the endless possibilities of a show with gorgeous designs, each unique and completed with jewellery and sky-high heels. Alana's views herself as being a lucky woman to be a part of the show, an opportunity of a life time. The scene of the fittings intrigues her, the running about to try this and that on. It reminds her quite a lot of her childhood; playing dress up and portraying new roles but on an entirely new level. Alana also gets quite excited that she can experience such a one in a lifetime event with her friends and models alike.
2. Why are the fittings important to you? 
Alana sees fittings as a vital process to a fashion show. It is the last chance to see whether the measurements of clothing is correct because runway malfunctions are highly avoided for obvious reasons. It is also the moment to see whether an outfit is the correct choice and something you're comfortable it; it would be hard to model in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable or is ill fitting on you. 

3. What outfit(s) were your favorites to try on?
Alana enjoyed various outfits that consisted of bright colours and unique patterns. She quite likes being able to stand out when given the chance; it reflects her vibrant personality and shows women that you can always stay true to yourself. Alana also fell in love with the quircky additional extras to her outfit such as the pink, cropped hoody and bicycle handle bars. It's a design that has led to thinking outside the box, something Alana enjoys doing.
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