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"If you were gonna leave this world how could it be without me? Now it's all over my tongue and still it has no taste, 'cause without you there is no me. There's no me at all." ♡ the feEEEEeeeeLLLLsss 

Today was pretty good (: I made a new friend and we literally have the same music taste & we spent a good hour talking about punk bands & mosh pits. She was telling me about how she went to a BMTH concert & she got socked in the mouth & how it was the best experience ever. We also mourned about Jesse leaving SWS but we agreed that it was for an understandable reason. We were also talking about how if we don't get the PTV documentary we're both going to drown in a puddle of our own tears as we bask into our eternal sorrow. I'M SO GLAD I HAVE MET SOMEONE WHO IS LIKE ME. MY FRIENDS DON'T UNDERSTAND MY MUSIC TASTE AT ALL. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

A few hours from now I'll be starting my road trip to Tijuana, Mexico! I'm going with my church to visit an orphanage & do good things. I think it's perfect timing for this because recently I've been feeling so selfish & greedy & I think it's time for me to be thankful for what I have & try to make other people happy. I'll be playing with kids & making food all day tomorrow ^.^ OH AND ARE WE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT TONIGHT IS THE SOLAR ECLIPSE?! I've been waiting for this since forever. I've been mapping & charting the phases of the moon & the movements of stars since last year & it's something I legitimately love. I can't wait to see the moon turn red tonight♡ 

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