Bring Me The Horizon - And the Snakes Start To Sing

Yeaaaah. BMTH aren't grunge, and her outfit is neither preppy nor warm enough for the weather.
But I like the song's atmosphere, and I'm not going to lie, I kinda like the doll, and her hair, and well, at least she's got a sweater.

Da Vinci's Demons meets Nirvana, or something. ♥

Tristen Louise Moretti//17
Outside Portland, Oregon
Area of Study: Art History
Niche: The Italian Renaissance (1300 – 1600)
Likes: dark colors, oil painting, Da Vinci, sketchbooks, boys who wear sweaters, big dogs, hiking in the forest, campfire, mochas, hats, blogging her musings, Thanksgiving with her family, rustic cuisine, grunge and sad alternative music, Gothic lit.
Dislikes: Uptight people, spicy food, candy, abstract art, driving, corporations and offices, those like /really white/ kind of suburban families that do weird things like have family portraits taken you know what I mean, Protestants.
Style: The Messy Prep; solid cable knits over patterned shirts, colors are complimentary mixed with neutrals, long cardigans, grunge details like beanies and boots, leather jackets, slouchy socks.
Bio: If Henry David Thoreau was a teenage girl, you would find that reincarnated soul in Tristen Louise's Italian-American blood. Being inside actually drives her insane, which is why any moment she isn't in class you are far more likely to find her in the woods, usually sketching in one of those suede and recycled paper books, at a campsite that just consists of a bonfire and a blanket on the ground--and you probably won't see her again until breakfast when she tromps in with mud-caked hiking boots and ripped tights seeking black coffee and Wi-Fi. Stoic, sarcastic, and quiet, Tristen is the silently-judging-you type, in that she despises being around such small minded people and stuffy New England customs, and she is rather certain she is the only truly cultured one at the school; we believe this is merely a result of her being home sick for her large family back in Oregon, although she won’t admit it, where she grew up the middle child surrounded by brothers, a cop father and chef mother, and a pack of puppies--an old German Shepard, a husky, and a derpy corgi. But Albatross granted her a scholarship for art, and if she wants to paint and camp for a living, she had no other choice. When her family can't afford to fly her home for Christmas, things can't get worse, and any escape elsewhere is welcome, even under abnormal conditions.
Suggested Models: Grace Hartzel*, Samantha Basalari, Jacquelyn Jablonski
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