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a little diddy...

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason?

I just did.

The dark spaces of my room look three times larger, a crack between the curtains allowing a think strip of the moon into the 4am of the morning. 

I’m scared for some reason. How childish.

I lamely pull the covers up to cover my shoulders, tucking the sides under my body to protect me from my imagination.

My imagination wins at this time of the night though. Or at least, I say it’s my imagination.

Someone is staring at me through the window. Strange because I don’t remember the curtains being open. But sure enough, the glass is reflecting the moonlight back, hitting someone’s face on the other side.

I shut my eyes and begin to tell myself the things you’re supposed to tell yourself, like it’s just my mind and the lack of sleep. And it’s true...except ears don’t lie.

The sound of pages in a novel flipping back and forth—just like a student trying to cram before an exam—fill my room. I begin to hum to myself, which again is my only childish defence against the unknown.

But you know what sucks about the unknown? It always makes itself known…you just have to open you eyes.

So I did.

An inch from my face, two dark, glossy eyes stare widely in shock at my own.

Instinct is to say something in a scream and then push away, but a hand shoots out to cover my mouth, forbidding me from either making a fool of myself to the world or proving that I’m right.

I close my eyes from panic, but the cold skin on my face, and the smell of leather never leaves my senses.

And of course, the ears tell the best truths…only because you can’t turn them off.

Breath on my neck sends goosebumps down my back, and just when I think it’s going bad, worse comes when a voice says “Fly with me.”

God I wish it had have been a question…

I don’t know where I am—

but I know we didn’t fly here.


by greenandnavy
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