I was going to have some long, super amazing short story to go with this set but it never happened. Oh well.

I wish it snowed in Florida but at the same time I'm happy that it doesn't.
I don't do well when it comes to cold weather.

Currently baking for my friend.
For a late birthday present.
Annnnnd it's only 2/3 done.

Break all week.
Seeing Catching Fire tomorrow in the morning with some of my friends. 
I'm excited~

I don't even know what's going on for Thanksgiving.
Because literally all I'm going to be doing for the rest of break, besides going to the movies, is cleaning and hopefully getting the Christmas tree up and working on my crap load of art projects. 
Mostly photo.
But still.
It's whatever though.
I guess.
Nothing has ever been normal or somewhat traditional so it's okay.



I need to clean~

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