--leslie osbourn.
-a very quirky girl, she absolutely loves classic rock. her style is a mixture of edgy and clashing patterns. she has no problem wearing a dress, as long as she has a leather jacket or studded shoes to go along with it. leslie's personality is very moody, she can go from sweet to bitchy in an instant, so watch out.
age: 17
status: getting there
looks: olivia thirlby


"Jesus." I muttered, fiddling with my now-crooked pinky toe. 
"I told you to get new skates, Leslie. But of course; you NEVER listen to me!" My preppy little sister scoffed. 

I think she was trying to joke around. 
And I really wasn't in the mood.

I turned my Walkman's volume up to it's full capacity, cutting out my sister's nasally, whiny voice. 

Shoving my dirty skates into my bag, I walked off, bopping my head along to Madonna's newest track. 

What the hell was I doing? 
This skating rink was really going to my head. 
Madonna? Really? 

The excruciating pain ebbed from my little toe with every step I took, leaving me wincing past the doorman, Charlie.
He looked at me funny, since I'd just broken our everyday ritual of high-fiving before I left.

Continuing to bop my head, I walked underneath the trellis, upset to find that it was raining. 
Oh, the gloom.

The hard concrete under my feet was a slap back into reality. 

It was 2009. 
Nobody carried Walkmans. 
Nobody wore tube socks or considered shoulder-pads 'stylish'. 
And most 'normal' people didn't allow a cheesy 80's-inspired rollerskating rink to consume their lives. 

But I wasn't normal. 
I was just, well, me. 


I might fix this story up a bit. 
It's far too short for my liking.
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