Today's process:
Math class: review over factoring the differences of two squares. I find it bothersome and pointless because even though it is suppose to help make factoring polynomials easier, 1/4 of the time, it doesn't work and I have to go back to the original process which takes forever do to to problems. Stupid math. If you give me a new process that's easier-at least let it work for all the times.

Latin: translating stories. Our teacher wanted us to do a new tactic to see if we were reading the paragraphs correctly, so we had to do a tweet per paragraph. 
Lady Disturbia: Hades tricked Persephone. #stupidblonde #flirtingwithdeath

Science: took my scantron test, it wasn't as hard as I thought, but not as easy as I hoped. Stupid science teacher, no high school kids care about the theories of variety human extinction. We had to learn about what we believed happened to the three branches of humanity: neadrathawl, homospacian, and hobbit. Yes...they found bone structures of cave men who are hobbits. they are about 4 feet tall, and we have concluded that our ancestors commenced genocide against them. Sorry Bilbo.

Ap human geography: pop test. Got an a

Art: free period.

English: passed around my journal which now is a death note-legit with stickers that spell out death note in duck tape and wrote all the idiot kids names in the journal... O-o

Love highschool.

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Wow, this set is so cool


Anime Tea☆Party - アニメティー☆パーティー

Anime Tea☆Party - アニメティー☆パーティー

( original creator- kc-desu )
♫ Welcome anime fans, manga fans and cosplayers alike ~♪
Show me them anime sets, GUUURL.
By the by, we're terribly sorry but non-anime/cartoon/comic related sets will disqualify you from the group.

~Animaniacs~ <3

~Animaniacs~ <3

All anime accepted
Only Anime Sets Please~ <3
Cosplay set's are considered anime sets... So I accept those too
Yaoi and yuri sets allowed.... Just make sure thier "things" are hidden... :/
Have fun :3

United We Stand

United We Stand

Ok this is a group that we have created for very close knit friends. People who seem to have roughly around the same friends as others. So mutual friends. Friends that tag others in a third persons set, or bring someone else into a conversation because you know they will add to the joy of it. (You can join by a group invitation only).
You can find here the story of the group:
There are different categories so you may find interest in this group! Specific categories are moderated by the specific people listed.
Moderators: @i-love-stan-the-man & @pinkstardust
FASHION (Focus on stylist/style/brand/trends)
Moderators: @hollisterlove11 & @bommie-says-saranghae (old account: @megan-urie-loves-brendon)
Moderators: @ink1212 & @lawliet-had-a-heart
Moderators: @robot-in-a-box & @pig-rabbit003
*Western Music (American and European singers/bands)
Moderators: @misaki32 & @xxshatteredmemory
Moderators: @of-bullets-and-miniskirts & @prestigiously-pink
About the contests:
Every 3 weeks, we'll change the category.
Contests' themes will follow this order:
anime&manga / fashion / music / video games.
Each contest will have various themes.
The winners will be chosen by -at least- 2 mods.

The Animenerds

The Animenerds

This is a group for anyone who LOVES anime. It doesn't matter if you only like 1 anime show or 50 anime shows. If you still love anime, join! If you wanna act like an animenerd(or an anime otaku for some people)go right ahead! Even I have those moments. So PLEASE JOIN MY GROUP! We'll have really fun contestes. PROMISE!




53 sets from 11 members. Ended three years ago.
Since it's St. Patty's day pretty soon, and I love me some men from across the pond (though that's really not relevant...), enter your green sets! GO GO GO

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