Signs-Snoop Dogg&Justin Timberlake&Charlie Wilson♥
Tune! (:

Day 3: 10 things about your personality.

-I'm very easy to get along with.
-I amy seem shy at first but believe me, after you get to know me you would still wish i was shy (: IM LOUD! 
-I don't let people talk shiit about me. I stand up to them.
-I'm very judgemental about people i don't know. I try hard not to be like this.
-I'm a very happy person 99 percent of the time. The other 1 percent i am a FUKKING BIITCH! 
-I have ocd with so many things! Its very bad! 
-People think i don't get upset easy but truth is i lock it all up inside.
-I always make friends with people who end up to be users and biitches. Grr!
-I'm kind of funny in real life. I don't think of funny things i just come out with it. I love to laugh! 
-I speak the truth but i guess thats a foreign language to ya'll.-Weezy
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